20 February, 2017

Shall we date?: Demon's Bond - Senkimaru Main Story CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for the CG's! You can also find this pictures on her BLOG!
On this page you only see the CG's that are only available in this characters Route. If you want to look at the CG's that all character have in common, click HERE!)

Chapter 3
In a hazy state

Chapter 7
The real Seankimaru
 At the tip of my blade #1
 At the tip of my blade #2
At the tip of my blade #3

Chapter 8/9
Senkimaru out of control
 In the enemy's arms #1
In the enemy's arms #2

Chapter 10
With the awaken Senkimaru #1
With the awaken Senkimaru #2

Chapter 11
His kind hands

Chapter 12
A new princess is born
A changing world #1
 A changing world #2
 A changing world #3
I will always be with you

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  1. I had unlocked all of Senkimaru's pictures (from the 'flashback route') except the last 4. Are they from his 'true love route'?