22 February, 2017

[Walkthrough] Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - Luca

Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Chapter 1: Kiss for a Vow with the Wolf Prince

1.02 I can’t move.
Brush his hand away.
Stop it! (+5)

1.03 Queens Mission
Require 200 Elegance

1.06 Premium Route
Requires 5 Love Points - Get a CG

1.07 Luca Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

1.08 Really?
Casual…? (+5)
Is Luca always kind?

1.12 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Lace-up Brown Boots - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Silver Pearl Necklace - 100 Platinum/500 Diamonds

1.14 I cannot.
(What should I do…?)
I want to try. (+5)

Chapter 2: Choose Me

2.02 I’m fine.
I’m a bit scared. (+5)
I can’t resist, but…

2.03 Premium Route
Requires 20 Love Points

2.08 What do you mean worried?
Thank you, but… (+5)
I’m fine.

2.13 Queens Mission
Require 1,500 Elegance

2.13 If Luca’s with me, I’ll be all right. (+5)
I’m a bit nervous.
We have to prepare.

Chapter 3: Forest of a Beast in a Secret Room

3.01 Don’t.
Save me.
I’m okay. (+5)

3.03 Premium Route
Requires 35 Love Points

3.08 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Picnic Basket - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Marine Border Basket Bag - 100 Platinum/1,000 Diamonds

3.09 Do you like reading?
I’ll read too. (+5)
You don’t want to do something else?

3.11 Luca Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

3.13 That’s not it.
I’m scared of it getting out of control. (+5)

Chapter 4: The Lying Lips

4.04 I have to hear it from him.
Luca will tell me about it. (+5)
I can’t?

4.08 Queens Mission
Require 4,500 Elegance

4.08 No thanks. (+5)
Maybe someday…
I do not trust you.

4.10 Luca Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

4.11 Premium Route
Requires 55 Love Points - Get a CG

4.14 It calms me down.
Yeah, it’s fine.
I want to touch you too. (+5)

Chapter 5: A Battle Over The Truth

5.03 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Red Riding Hood - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Coral Pink Ribbon Hair Band - 100 Platinum/2,500 Diamonds

5.05 Why not? (+5)

5.08 I accept his offer. (+5)
Would I be a nuisance?
If Luca wants to, then okay.

5.09 Premium Route
Requires 70 Love Points

5.14 I want to know now. (+5)
Are you trying to evade the question?
I’m fine.

Chapter 6: Kiss of Betrayal

6.04 Queens Mission
Require 5,500 Elegance

6.04 I don’t understand what you mean.
I didn’t think of that.
I can’t doubt him. (+5)

6.07 I’m worried about my memories.
I’m worried about the Red Kingdom.
That thing that Silvio told me… (+5)

6.08 Luca Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

6.11 Premium Route
Requires 85 Love Points

6.14 Thank you. (+5)
I want to.
I will try.

Chapter 7: Two Hearts Missing Each Other

7.04 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Dark Brown Hair in Country-style Plait - 450 Platinum
Trial Route: Sensuous Platinum Colored Two High Ponytales - 150 Platinum/5,000 Diamonds

7.04 With who?
You didn’t…!
Wait! (+5)

7.06 Premium Route
Requires 95 Love Points

7.09 Is that weird?
Are you worried about Luca? (+5)
I want him to accompany me.

7.13 I want to help Luca. (+5)
Because I want to do what I can.
Because I don’t know what kind there are.

Chapter 8: Wanted to See You at any Cost

8.02 We’re not done talking.
Am I a bother?
I don’t want to leave. (+5)

8.04 Queens Mission
Require 8,000 Elegance

8.07 Please come with me!
Please watch my back. (+5)
I’m ready.

8.12 Premium Route
Requires 115 Love Points - Get a CG

8.14 It wouldn’t be good
If it hurts you, then… (+5)
You should take everyone’s advice

8.14 Luca Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

Chapter 9: And The Last Moment

9.03 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Red-White Colored Retro Dress - 500 Platinum
Trial Route: Set of Red Checked Collar Sweater Shortpants - 200 Platinum/7,500 Diamonds

9.04 I’m fine as long as you hold me tight. (+5)
There’s nothing else I could do.
I’m a bit worried, but I’m okay.

9.08 I won’t leave you even if I die.
Don’t ask me something you know the answer to.
My place is with you. (+5)

9.10 Premium Route
Requires 130 Love Points

9.12 Queens Mission
Require 12,000 Elegance

9.13 That may be true.
Even magic can hurt.
That’s not necessarily true. (+5)


Royal End
Requires 170 Love Points + Getting the Wedding Dress at the Premium End Gacha (which you get after reading through the Happy End)

Happy End
Requires 135 Love Points

Normal End
If you couldn't get 135 Love Points

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