25 July, 2017

[Walkthorugh] Shall we date?: Sengoku Darling - Masanobu Kosaka

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for this Walkthrough! 
You can find the original post on her Website!)

Main Story

Chapter 1


​Look to Kojiro
Look to Yukimura

Accept Sir Kosaka's suggestion courteously
Tug on Yukimura's sleeve
​Tell Sir Kosaka I am unfit to be an inner-house maid

Chapter 2

I don't deserve the honor
I'm a little unsure...
I'm grateful for you

Tell him my province
I was in Kyoto
I was in western territories 

Chapter 3

But I have Yukimura
But I have you
But I have Sir Kosaka

Yes, sir
I'll try my best


Chapter 4

I have a reason for all this
I'm relieved
I'm sorry for deceiving you-


You even went to those lengths for me...
I'm ashamed of myself
I have you to thank for pulling through this

Chapter 5

I'll have a doctor look at it, so...
I'm honestly fine, so...
Your face is too close

What is it that you like about butterflies?
You're kind at heart, aren't you?
You like beautiful things?

Chapter 6


I really thought you'd come for Lord Shingen
I'm glad
Did you hear my heart call out?

I was surprised, that's all
The opportunity was there

Chapter 7

Are you tired?
You seem somehow really distant-
Is something worrying you?

You're too early, aren't you?
Will you stay and talk a while?-
You have somewhere you have to go?


Chapter's 8 - 10

Any choices beyond this point have no bearing on the story.


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