02 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends - Taisuke Nadauchi

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Oil and Water, Like Poles Repel

1.03 Don’t patronize me.
But I’m determined to do the job.
I’d be a sad excuse for a woman if I backed off now. (+5)

1.06 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 5+ Affection

1.07 I’m okay.
I’m sorry.
Mr. Nadauchi helped me. (+5)

1.10 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 180 Platinum

1.13 I guess you’re right.
You seem like you don’t like lying.
I don’t like lying. (+5)

Chapter 2: Your Only Boyfriend For Today

2.04 Nothing, really.

2.07 Avatar Trial
Premium: Smokey Pink See-through One-piece Dress (+100 Charm) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Smokey Pink Lacy Handbag (+50 Charm) - 200 Platinum / 2,000 Love Points

2.07 Are you messing with me?
Did you hit your head or something?
Are you okay with asking me? (+5)

2.14 Sorry I got a little passionate there…
Am I being weird?
This is how I honestly feel. (+5)

Chapter 3: His Dreams, His Thoughts

3.01 I don’t.
I don’t want to go home.
I want to hang out more. (+5)

3.02 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 180 Platinum

3.04 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 35+ Affection

3.09 Nothing.
Just admiring your technique.
I was swooning a little. (+5)

3.11 If I feel like it.
Okay! (+5)
Are you sure it’s okay?

3.15 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

Chapter 4: The Exciting Reason

4.04 I trust you. (+5)
You overheard? I’m embarrassed.
I just blurted it out.

4.06 I’ll be rooting for you. (+5)
I envy you.
That’s really cool.

4.12 Ouch! That hurts!
Are you nervous? (+5)
You’re just being shy.

4.13 Special Scenario
Requires 60+ Affection

Chapter 5: An Unexpected Reunion

5.03 You’re really perceptive.
I was right. You are good at taking care of people… (+5)
You’re a worrywart.

5.05 Avatar Trial
Premuim: Shiny Big Flower Earrings (+75 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Big Flower Necklace (+65 Charm) - 250 Platinum / 4,000 Love Points

5.07 Sorry.  (+5)
Only a pro would notice.
You're joking, right?

5.08 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 70+ Affection

5.10 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 190 Platinum

5.14 Not you too...
It wasn't a date!  (+5)
Please, stop...

Chapter 6: Feelings I Cannot Say

6.01 Special Scenario
Requires 75+ Affection

6.03 Jealous...? (+5)
That's not like you.
You're a worrywart.

6.08 It's embarrassing...  (+5)
I'm still not finished...
I'll tell you, if...

6.13 Thanks for the compliment.
I still have a long way to go. (+5)
But I'm not really trying that hard.

6.15 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

Chapter 7: Destined Partners

7.02 What a relief.  (+5)
I'm glad you understand.
Sorry I worried you.

7.11 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 95+ Affection

7.12 Avatar Trial
Premium: Colorful Tulip Buds (Charm 60+) - 250 Platinum
Normal: Delicious Cake From A Popular Bakery(Charm 30+) - 100 Platinum / 6,000 Love Points

7.12 By the power of love? (+5)
By gut feeling, I guess...?

7.14 It's okay.
I went through Hell, you know.
Thanks for thinking of me.  (+5)

Chapter 8: A Night Of Mutual Understanding

8.01 Are you sure it's okay?
Yes! I'd love to!  (+5)
You mean, on a date?

8.06 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 200 Platinum

8.08 Can you stay just for a bit?
Do you not want to come over?
I'm sorry.  (+5)

8.10 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

8.11 I'm not going anywhere.
I hope you keep catching me every time leave.  (+5)
You're being weird.

8.12 Special Scenario 
 Get a CG - Requires 120+ Affection

8.06 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 220 Platinum

Chapter 9: I Want To Be Your Strength

9.04 That makes me very happy.  (+5)
You don't have to do this for me.

9.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: Elegant Soft Wavy Hairstyle (Charm 90+) - 350 Platinum
Normal: Smokey Pink Headband (Charm 65+) - 250 Platinum / 8,000 Love Points

9.08 Of course you can.  (+5)
It's a bit messy...
Don't you have work tomorrow?

9.09 Special Scenario 
Requires 130+ Affection

9.11 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 200 Platinum

9.13 I wish I could help you more.
I'll give you as much power as you need.  (+5)
You're easy to please.

Chapter 10: The Distances Between Two Hearts

10.04 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

10.04 Don't worry about it.  (+5)
We were sort of working, actually.
It's okay. We can go on a date whenever...

10.06 But, I'm worried.
Am I in the way?
Don't work too hard. (+5)

10.07 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 190 Platinum

10.12 You mean today?  (+5)
Just the two of us?

Chapter 11: Our Definition Of Happiness

11.04 Yes, of course.  (+5)
Pretty confident.
I wanted to try my hardest, at the very least.

11.07 I'll support you.
I can't imagine myself with anyone other than you.  (+5)
Let's do this together.

11.11 Special Scenario 
Requires 160+ Affection

11.12 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 240 Platinum

11.12 Avatar Trial
Premium: Chiffon Ribbon Bordeaux Hat (Charm 90+) - 350 Platinum
Normal: Heels with a Ribbon and See-through Socks (Charm 30+) - 100 Platinum / 10,000 Love Points

11.13 It can't be helped.
That makes me a little sad.
I'll be okay. (+5)

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