02 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends - Takeomi Shiina

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: An Adult Man and, A Passing Longing

1.03 Is this your car?
Oh, cool. You have a license.
Are you driving me home? (+5)

1.07 Is it alright for me to? (+5)

Thank you.
I’ll be okay.

1.11 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 10+ Affection

1.13 I’m just having so much fun.
It’s nothing! (+5)

I was wondering about Junpei.

1.14 Extra Story - Secret Report
Requires 90 Platinum
Get: Memories of Cream Puff

Chapter 2: The Owner’s Spirit

2.03 Give Kaorou the phone quickly.
Clam up.
Apologize again. (+5)

2.08 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

2.08 Drink coffee.
Play with your phone.
Take a deep breath. (+5)

2.12 Keep gazing at him.
Look away.
Sigh quietly. (+5)

Chapter 3: Love Also, Work Also

3.04 Wrong…? (+5)

It’s nothing.
I think you know what’s wrong.

3.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: Pink Beige Long Half-up Hair - 200 Platinum
Normal: Curl-up Party Hair - 200 Platinum / 2,000 Love Points

3.07 Sorry, but no.
I’ll go ask the people I came here with. (+5)

Sure. Let’s have a drink.

3.08 Special Scenario
Requires 40+ Affection

3.14 I’m deeply touched.
I’ll work even harder now.
Camaraderie sure is great. (+5)

Chapter 4: Tonight Is For You Only

4.02 Everyone helps me. (+5)

Mr. Shiina helps me.
You help me.

4.08 What a lovely cafe.
But I also like manly restaurants. (+5)

I would eat anywhere with you.

4.14 Avatar Trial
Premium: Laced Blouse Blue Cardigarn - 300 Platinum
Normal: Blue Petit Rose Earrings - 100 Platinum / 4,000 Love Points

4.14 Not at all.
A little.
I feel really good. (+5)

4.15 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 60+ Affection

Chapter 5: An Adult’s Possessiveness

5.03 That’s ridiculous! (+5)

You think so?
That’s very kind of you to say.

5.09 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

5.09 A little.
Yes. (+5)

Not at all.

5.10 Special Scenario
Requires 70+ Affection

5.14 Neither am I.
I’m not confident I’ll win.
Bring it on. (+5)

Chapter 6: So Close And Yet So Far

6.04 Do you need something? (+5)

Thank you for coming today.

6.05 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 80+ Affection

6.08 Stop walking, but don’t turn around. (+5)

Slowly turn around.
Ignore him.

6.12 I don’t mean to give him a hard time. (+5)

What do you mean?

Chapter 7: The Kiss Of Truth

7.03 In love? Eew! Never! (+5)

You misunderstood.
What makes you think that?

7.06 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

7.06 Speaking cheerfully.
Looking down and returning to your desk. (+5)

Talking with Takumi.

7.08 Special Scenario
Requires 100+ Affection

7.14 Ask what she means.
Stay quiet and see what happens. (+5)

Run away.

Chapter 8: This Feeling Which Cannot Be Suppressed

8.04 Good for you.
You’re so cool. (+5)

You sure bounce back quickly.

8.08 Go blank. (+5)
Decide to give up for real.
Bite my lips bitterly.

8.12 Yell, “What?!"
Look at him in shock. (+5)

Think, does he mean me?

8.15 Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 120+ Affection

Chapter 9: I Want To Be Yours

9.02 Avatar Trial
Premium: Beloved Pink Make-up - 300 Platinum
Normal: Natural Brown Make-up - 250 Platinum / 6,000 Love Points

9.03 You’re mean.
Are you making fun of me?
Why are you smiling? (+5)

9.09 Softly touch his fingers. (+5)

Murmur, “What should I do?"

9.13 Avatar Trial
Premium: Lavender Colored Hotel Room - 450 Platinum
Normal: Lilac Sexy Roomwear - 300 Platinum / 8,000 Love Points

9.15 Stare at him. (+5)

Tell him “I love you” again.
Murmur his name.

Chapter 10: The Crossroad Of Fate

10.04 Nod quietly.
Tell him, no way.
Tell him, "Gee, what should I do?" (+5)

10.05 Special Scenario  
Get a CG - Requires 140+ Affection

10.07 Love Trial
Requires ... Thrill Points

10.08 We’ll make it work. (+5)
You might be right.

10.14 Silently keep working.
Tell him you need to talk.
Smile and say hi. (+5)

Chapter 11: My Happiness, Your Happiness

11.01 Sorry. It’s my fault.
He’ll understand. (+5)

This will be resolved in time.

11.06 Gaze into his eyes. (+5)

Nuzzle against his chest.
Hug him tight.

11.11 Avatar Trial
Premium: Salmon Pink Spruced-up One-piece Dress - 400 Platinum
Normal: Colorful Cosmos Get-Well-Soon Bouquet - 100 Platinum / 10,000 Love Points

11.13 Take a breath in and out.
Squeeze Takeomi’s hand. (+5)

Give myself a silent pep-talk.

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