16 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Asena & Isuka (Turkiye) Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

(The character you end up with, depends on which character has the most Reputation (affection) Points. To get a Happy Ending with the character you want, try to stick with his answers right from the beginning and if there are no answers for him, choose those were you gain the fewest reputation points of the other character, so that you don't get too much affection points from the wrong character.
The answers that are marked with red are for Asena, the blue are for Isuka.
To read the Sequel of a character, you first need to read through the Main Story.
To switch route, you need to buy a "New Contract".)

Main Story

Chapter 1: The Contract Marriage at Work!?

1.04 Thank you. (Asena +5)
I’m sorry. (Asena +1)
Please excuse me. (Asena +3)

1.10 We’re equal that we’re both in trouble. (Asena +3)
I can’t leave you alone. (Asena +5)
I want to show my gratitude. (Asena +1)

1.14 I’m worried about if we’re well-matched. (Isuka +5)
I have no confidence. (Asena +3)
I’ll do my best, but… (Asena +5)

Chapter 2: “Isuka” and “Asena”

2.04 Special Asena Scenario
Get a CG

2.0? I don’t mind. (Asena +1)
It was embarrassing. (Asena +3)
It’s fine. (Asena +5)

2.06 Extra
Need 150 platinum

2.09 Because he likes working. (Isuka +3)
Because he respects people. (Isuka +5)
Because he’s kind. (Asena +5)

2.12 Listen to me! (Asena +5)
You’ve got it wrong! (Asena +0)
Haven’t you been told? (Asena +1)

Chapter 3: The Sound of Gunfire

3.03 As wonderful as you are… (Isuka +1)
I don’t choose base on status. (Isuka +5)
Status and charm are two different things. (Asena +5)

3.07 Yes. / That’s right. (Asena +5)
I’m surprised for a different reason. (Asena +3)
It’s not that I’m happy about it. / Of course I’m not happy. (Asena +1)

3.11 Extra
Need 150 platinum

3.12 I’d like to go. (Asena +5)
I’m happy to go anywhere with you. (Asena +1)
It would be a great work experience. (Asena +3)

Chapter 4: Kiss and Trauma

4.03 Good night. (Asena +5)
You too, Isuka. (Isuka +3)
Thank you. (Isuka +5)

4.03 Extra
Need 150 platinum

4.08 Going back to the room is a good idea. (Asena +1)
I’m embarrassed. (Asena +5)
Thank you. (Isuka +3)

4.14 I’m so happy. (Asena +5)
Is that jut acting? (Asena +3)
He’s very strict. (Asena +1)

Chapter 5: I Begin to be Well Disposed…

5.03 Please, let go. (Asena +1)
What? (Asena +5)
Stop it. (Asena +3)

5.07 Is he consoling me? (Isuka +5)
Don’t do that. I’m Asena’s wife. (Asena +3)
Stop it. (Asena +5)

5.08 Extra
Need 150 platinum

5.13 Stop it! (Asena +1)
I can’t let him. (Asena +3)
Why is he doing this? (Asena +5)

Chapter 6: I can’t Deceive my Emotion

6.05 Not really. (Asena +5)
Of course not. (Isuka +1)
I know you’re safe, Isuka. (Isuka +5)

6.07 I agree with Asena. (Asena +1)
Does Paul also like it? (Asena +5)
It’s very delicious. (Asena +3)

6.11 Special Isuka Scenario
Get a CG

6.12 I did sign up for this. (Asena +5)
I’m embarrassed. (Asena +3)
I don’t know what to do. (Asena +1)

Chapter 7: Real Nature of Prince

7.01 Extra
Need 200 platinum

7.02 To Turkiye? (Asena +5)
Okay. (Asena +3)
Where is that place? (Asena +1)

7.06 I have to ask Asena. (None)
Probably, yes. (Isuka +5)
I’m not sure. (Asena +5)

7.10 Special Asena Scenario
Get a CG

7.10 Extra
Need 200 platinum

7.13 I have a bad feeling about this. (None)
I guess he doesn’t like Asena. (Asena +5)
Why do I feel so strange? (Asena +1)

Chapter 8: I Love Him so We have to Divorce…

8.02 I can’t tell you. (Isuka +5)
I’m fine. (Isuka +3)
I have no problem. (Asena +5)

8.05 Extra
Need 200 platinum

8.06 It’s a happy tiredness. (Asena +5)
Thanks for caring. / Thank you for caring (Asena +3)
But it’s not tired. / Not at all. (Asena +1)

8.13 I said, I’ll be fine. (Asena +3)
You worry too much. (Asena +1)
Have fun at your lunch. (Asena +5)

Chapter 9: Artificial Respiration

9.01 Stay back (Asena +3)
Help! (Asena +5)
If you come closer, I’ll… (Asena +1)

9.05 Special Asena Scenario
Get a CG

9.06 Are you sure? (Asena +1)
I’m worried about you. (Asena +5)
You did this for me… (Asena +3)

9.13 He must have a dark side.
If you trust him, so do I. (Asena +5)
Even if he is a descendant… (Isuka +5)

Chapter 10: Release from the Past Trauma

10.04 Whenever Asena is ready. (Asena +5)
I do. (Isuka +5)
If you’re willing to tell me. (Asena +3)

10.09 I wonder what they’re like? (Asena +3)
I’m a bit worried. (Asena +1)
Can I come too? (Asena +5)

10.10 Extra
Need 200 platinum

10.14 I’m flattered. (Asena +5)
He’s exaggerating. (Asena +1)
You put in the hard work, Asena. (Asena +3)

Chapter 11: Malfeasance of the First Prince

11.04 Society needs to move forward. (Asena +5)
That’s no good. (Asena +3)
Turkiye will be criticized. (Asena +1)

11.10 The sky!? (Isuka +3)
Where is it? (Isuka +5)
There were mountains, too. (Asena +5)

11.12 Thanks. (Asena +5)
Can you steer it? (Asena +3)
Am I hugging too tight? (Asena +1)


1. Asena Normal End = Reputation 85+Get a CG 

2. Asena Good End = Reputation 165+, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit)Get a CG 

3. Asena Royal End = Reputation 200+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal Gatcha)


1. Isuka Normal End = Default Ending

2. Isuka Good End = Reputation 55+, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit) Get a CG

3. Isuka Royal End = Reputation 80+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress from Royal Gatcha

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