23 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Yuri Sequel

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)


(You need to play through the Main Story first to unlock the Sequel.)

Chapter 1

1.03 Who are you?
You seem familiar. (+5)
Am I really your wife?

1.07 Special Yuri Scenario
Get a CG

1.07 That’s too embarrassing
Why don’t you sit on my lap? (+5)

1.09 Extra
Need 200 platinum

1.15 Where? (+5)
He didn’t touch me.
I’m not sure.

Chapter 2

2.05 The love stories.
I’m interested in Rossiyskaya cinema.
What period of history? (+5)

2.06 What do you mean by closer?
We’re close enough.
 I also want to get closer. (+5)

2.08 Extra
Need 200 platinum

2.13 Sounds like fun (+5)
Won’t I be imposing?
As long as everyone comes…

Chapter 3

3.05 He must be worried about me.
What should I do…
I want to answer. (+5)

3.08 Of course I do. (+5)
I don’t know.
I can’t say anything.

3.15 I can’t.
I should tell him. (+5)
I need to make sure of some things first.

Chapter 4

4.02 Extra
Need 200 platinum

4.05 I believe you. (+5)
I’ll wait for you.
Please, take me with you.

4.08 You might be right.
I didn’t realize I was doing this.
I’m sorry. (+5)

4.15 Like what?
I’m doing this on purpose. (+5)
Are you embarrassed?

Chapter 5

5.01 Extra
Diary of the Heart ? Rossiyskaya – 200 platinum

5.02 Isn’t it better for me not to know?
I don’t want to get in your way.
But I do want to know… (+5)

5.09 Yuri means too much to me. (+5)
This isn’t fair to you.
But I’m Yuri’s wife.

5.12 Special Yuri Scenario 
Get a CG

5.15 Are you still mad at me?
You do it… (+5)
My underwear!?

5.13 Extra
Need 200 platinum

Chapter 6

6.04 Aren’t you worried about Yuri? (+5)
I’m fine by myself.
Thanks. I was a bit scared to go alone.

6.08 Of course. (+5)
Where are we going?
Right now?

6.15 But what for?
I wouldn’t put it past him…
No way! (+5)

Chapter 7

7.05 Maybe I should run for it.
I have to obey him.
I have to apologize. (+5)

7.07 Nod.
Kiss him.
Touch his hair. (+5)

7.07 Extra
Need 200 platinum

7.14 Yuri will win. (+5)
I don’t want to watch Yuri lose.
Please, don’t have fun at my expense.

Chapter 8

8.04 Okay.
Won’t I be imposing?
But won’t you get hurt instead? (+5)

8.10 Were you going to let me run anyway?
You don’t wear a mask.
I’m not going anywhere. (+5)

I don’t mind if you lose.
I wonder who will win?
I hope you draw a 6. (+5)


1. Normal End = Default Ending

2. Good End = Reputation 120+, Unlocks Royal Gach (7day time limit) Get CG

3. Royal End = Reputation 140+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal

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