23 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Claude Sequel

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

(You need to play through the Main Story first, before you can read the Sequel.)


Chapter 1

1.02 I’m fine.
It’s embarrassing. (+5)

1.07 Yes. (+5)
I think so.
I’m not sure.

1.13 What do you mean?
You called me out here……
It will take a long time to explain, but…… (+5)

1.15 Special Claude Scenario
Get a CG

1.15 Extra
Need 200 platinum

Chapter 2

2.04 I wonder why.
I don’t understand. (+5)
What do you think it means?

2.09 Since my memory is fading. (+5)
As I can’t respond to your hope.
Because I’m making you feel sad.

2.11 Extra
Need 200 platinum

2.13 I won’t believe that he’d do such thing.
I don’t believe it.
Maybe there was a reason…… (+5)

Chapter 3

3.05 I don’t think that we’re unrelated. (+5)
I want you to find proof quickly.
I hope that I’m your wife.

3.08(Currently due to a glitch, there is no right answer. Last checked on 4/2)
You’re kidding, right……? (no points)
I don’t want that. (no points)
Don’t say that. (no points)

3.14 What’s going on between you and Claude?
What’s going on between you and I?
What’s going on between Claude and I? (+5)

Chapter 4

4.05 I was sad.
I don’t think he needs me anymore.
I can’t stop thinking about it. (+5)

4.06  ……Yes. (+5)
Can I come?

4.10 Extra
Need 200 platinum

4.12 O-okay. (+5)
I’m a bit worried.
I’ll try my best.

4.14 Special Claude Scenario 
Get a CG

Chapter 5

5.04 It was…
I don’t remember. (+5)

5.06 I want to be with him.
Is it really that hard to believe? (+5)
Is that not allowed?

5.11 If Claude finds out about this……
Because I’m the crown princess…… (+5)
I’m not the real crown princess.

Chapter 6

6.03 I thought you’d already decided where we’d go.
Let me think about it. (+5)
Where do you want to go?

6.05 Extra
Need 200 platinum

6.10 That’s not true.
I don’t want to.
I’m scared to ask him. (+5)

6.12 They haven’t come back.
They’ve come back. (+5)
That has nothing to do with this.

Chapter 7

7.03 I’m sorry. (+5)

7.06 That’s unusual……
That’s a problem……
We can’t go home to Flanelia yet, can we? (+5)

7.13 Call for help (+5)
Do nothing

7.15 Extra
Need 200 platinum

Chapter 8

8.01 I won’t obey you.
I’m sorry.
Are you serious? (+5)

8.09 Look at Claude. (+5)
Look at Victor.
Don’t look at either of them.

8.15 He’ll definitely come.
He might already be there.
I believe in him. (+5)


1. Normal End = Default Ending

2. Good End = Reputation 120+, Unlocks Royal Gach (7day time limit) Get CG

3. Royal End = Reputation 140+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal

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