20 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Kei Shinomiya

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".)

Chapter 1: One night Cinderella

1.04 That sounds difficult.
What should we do? (+5)
You reap what you sow…

1.10 Are you teasing me? (+5)
Do I really look that pretty?
That’s not true.

1.12 Hide behind Kei.
Greet her lightly.
Introduce yourself. (+5)

Chapter 2: Store my love at the office

2.05 Say ‘you’ve worked hard’.
Say ‘what is it?’ (+5)
Quickly escape.

2.09 Okay. (+5)
Please tell me why.

2.15 That’s not true.
Thank you. (+5)

Chapter 3: Fake fiancé and friendly senior

3.04 He’s a wonderful person.
I’m still not really sure. (+5)
He’s a bit scary.

3.09 Say ‘good night’.
Wave your hand. (+5)
Bow at him.

3.12 I can’t believe it…
I’m so happy. (+5)
I’ll work hard!

Chapter 4: Beginning of love

4.04 It’s all thanks to you, Kei. (+5)
You really saved me,
As expected of you.

4.09 What do you mean?
I believe in you. (+5)

4.15 Is it okay?
I can go home by myself. (+5)
If it’s to the station…

Chapter 5: I want to protect you

5.04 Gaze intently at him. (+5)
Bow deeply at him.
Wipe your tears away.

5.07 That’s not true.
Why do you think that? (+5)
Are you jealous?

5.14 Don’t worry about me.
I’m fine.
I’m worried about Erika. (+5)

Chapter 6: Grown-ups’ pure love

6.01 That way of speaking…
...you’re not very honest. (+5)
Do you?

6.08 His kindness.
His work ability.
Everything. (+5)

6.13 I really wanted to go… (+5)
It can’t be helped.
We’ll go next time.

Chapter 7: Yukata, mixed bathing… and dangerous him

7.03 That’s true.
Aren’t you embarrassed?
That’s not the problem…! (+5)

7.07 Nod quietly. (+5)
Hold back a laugh.
Laugh as hard as you can.

7.11 Gaze at Kei.
Look away.
Tell him to stop. (+5)

Chapter 8: Do you believe in eternal love?

8.01 I’m so embarrassed.
I’m so happy…
I want you too…(+5)

8.08 I don’t want to go home either.
But we have work tomorrow…
What should I do…? (+5)

8.12 Ask more about it.
Change the subject. (+5)

Chapter 9: Language of flowers

9.04 Call him.
Send a message. (+5)
Leave it for the time being.

9.06 Thanks for looking after mom. (+5)
You’re so kind.
Sorry for making you do that.

9.12 I don’t want to hear it now.
Can I?
Please let me hear it. (+5)

Chapter 10: 5300 km between us

10.03 I’ll be by your side forever.
What are you saying?
I’ll protect you. (+5)

10.07 I’m really happy. (+5)
I feel better now.
I feel nervous.

10.11 But I have work…
Is that okay?
I’m going. (+5)

Chapter 11: Pretending to be lovers until midnight

11.01 But even if you say that…
Sorry. (+5)
That’s true.

11.07 Nod silently.
Clearly say that you’ll give up.
Whisper ‘yes’. (+5)

11.14 Embrace him. (+5)
Smile at him.
Wave my hand.

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