20 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Kenichiro Kamijo

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".)

Chapter 1: Hopeless Maze and Light

1.03 I’m not.
Does this look like a show of courage?
I’ve already recovered! (+5)

1.08 I don’t think it is!
Maybe you’re confusing me with someone else?
Does it suit me? (+5)

1.14 Thank you so much!
It’s my only redeeming feature.
I won’t look back anymore. (+5)

Chapter 2: The light illuminating you

2.01 Nothing. (+5)
I was just thinking how amazing everyone is.
I was just thinking how helpful this is.

2.07 I’ll do my best.
I wonder if I’ll be able to do it.
I won’t run away anymore. (+5)

2.12 Is that a bad thing?
That’s my only redeeming feature.
That’s because I want to create something good. (+5)

Chapter 3: Murmuring Heart

3.01 I don’t have the confidence.
I’d like to give it a try. (+5)
I think that Mr. Natsume would be better…

3.06 Thank you so much.
Sorry for making you come all the way here.
I’m happy that you came. (+5)

3.11 Sorry for being so brazen. (+5)
You’re cool, Mr. Kamijo.
I really do think that…

Chapter 4: Tell me what is called this feeling…

4.01 Are you teasing me?
Please don’t look at me so much.
I’m kind of embarrassed. (+5)

4.08 Your words aren’t persuasive at all.
I’ll be troubled if you don’t go.
I don’t like it. (+5)

4.12 I think I understand. (+5)
There’s no way he’d ever think of me like that.
That’s not it.

Chapter 5: The Destination of Love

5.04 I’m not in high spirits.
I’ll do my best to ensure that doesn’t happen. (+5)
I’ll be careful.

5.08 What do you think?
Yes. (+5)
Is it a bother?

5.13 But that’s the same about everyone.
Are there sides that you don’t want to show me?
Am I allowed to say that I want to know about them? (+5)

Chapter 6: A love not moving forward

6.03 Thank you. (+5)
I’m not cold.
Won’t you be cold, Mr. Kamijo?

6.09 You are teasing me or something…
Do you mean that I shouldn’t wear clothes like this?
I don’t know. (+5)

6.13 I’m fine! (+5)
I’m just sleep deprived.
Mr. Natsume is just over-thinking things.

Chapter 7: I can’t be your boss anymore

7.05 I don’t know.
I can’t think about that right now. (+5)
You’re too late.

7.10 I don’t.
It appears so.
…yeah. (+5)

7.13 If it’s about work, we can talk about it at the office. (+5)
Now I’m a bit busy…
If it’s short…

Chapter 8: A wet & hot night

8.03 Don’t say things like that.
Age has nothing to do with it. (+5)
Is that how you really think?

8.08 Are you enjoying yourself?
You’re definitely an adult, Kenichiro.
I can’t keep my composure any longer… (+5)

8.13 It just feels like a dream. (+5)
I thought it might be a bother.
I thought that I was being selfish.

Chapter 9: In order to be by your side

9.04 That’s not true.
It’s fine…
I think you’re right. (+5)

9.08 That might be true.
Kenichiro, am I naughty? (+5)
Please don’t worry about it.

9.11 Sorry.
I’m so happy! (+5)
I’ll help you.

Chapter 10: Maturity… A love turning point ?!

10.04 That’s a lot of pressure.
I’ll do my best.
Those words are all I need to hear. (+5)

10.09 I’m just being grateful.
Tell me what you were thinking, Ms. Tabe. (+5)
I won’t lose, you know.

10.14 I’ll think about it.
If you think of any requests, tell me. (+5)
If you get the prize, then…

Chapter 11: Thank you, my dearest love

11.03 I can’t calm down.
That’s true. Sorry… (+5)
I understand that in my head, but…

11.08 It’s thanks to you, Kenichiro. (+5)
It’s because I worked hard.
I’m still learning.

11.12 I’m fine.
I’m actually really lonely.
I’ll go with you. (+5)

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