20 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Ritsu Tachibana

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".)

Chapter 1: The Man Called ‘Mr. Tachibana’

1.05 I nod to keep the conversation going.
I remain silent. (+5)
He’s not my type.

1.09 I was nervous… (+5)
I’m sorry.
I was trying to cheer myself up…

1.12 That is my job. (+5)
I thought this would make things easier to understand.
I’m a little scared.

1.15 Ritsu Special Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 2: A Fair Relationship?

2.05 I have another job…
I understand.
I feel bewildered. (+5)

2.08 It’s because he does such strange things. (+5)
I’m not avoiding you.
I’m sorry.

2.15 He has a reason? (+5)
I have no idea.
That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

Chapter 3: The Hidden Meaning Behind Words

3.04 It’s a very… unique drawing, isn’t it? (+5)
You’re not very good at drawing, are you?
It’s very good.

3.07 Are you sure you’re not imaging it?
That’s because I’m not drunk. (+5)
I’m in perfectly good health…

3.15 I want to give it a try. (+5)
Please hold on a minute…

Chapter 4: A Faded World

4.02 Is that how it looks?
The truth is that I am.
I’m not. (+5)

4.05 Ritsu Special Scenario
Get a CG

4.09 Thank you, as always. (+5)
I rely on people a lot.
Momoka, you can rely on me, too.

4.14 I’m fine.(+5)
I’ll pay more attention.
Stop kidding around.

Chapter 5: Then, You Fall In Love

5.03 I didn’t believe it.
Waffle. (+5)
I believed it.

5.04 Ritsu Special Scenario
Get a CG

5.06 I’ve wanted to buy some… (+5)
Of course.
I’m not confident.

5.14 I love it.
There are some difficult times.
Sometimes I almost think I hate it. (+5)

Chapter 6: If It’s Something That Has Meaning

6.03 I was wondering if Mr. Tachibana has a girlfriend.(+5)
Do you have a girlfriend?

6.10 I’ll do my best.(+5)
I’m really going to do it by myself?
I pinch my cheeks.

6.13 Of course not.
Didn’t everyone take it seriously?
Stay silent. (+5)

Chapter 7: The Distance Closing In, Brings Passion With It

7.04 No, I’m not.
Just a little.
I’m fine now.(+5)

7.08 I’m all right alone now.
I thought you had gone home.(+5)
Are you all right?

7.13 Are you in a better temper?
Has the misunderstanding been cleared up? (+5)
We’re making up, right?

Chapter 8: The Thing About Liking Someone…

8.03 I nod.
It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it?
I can’t wait. (+5)

8.10 I understand.
I’ll think about it.
I won’t be deceived. (+5)

8.15 There’s not even any proof…
I’m going to go talk to the CEO.
I’m going to talk to Mr. Tachibana. (+5)

Chapter 9: Truth and Lies

9.01 I understand. (+5)
That’s impossible.

9.07 It sounds like a wonderful family (+5)
Normal is the best
It's something I yearned for too

9.11 It's not a misunderstanding
Why would you say suck a cruel thing?
What so you mean by that (+5)

9.14 Ritsu Special Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 10: With Each Own's Thoughts

10.03 Me too (+5)
You're very spare in your words
 That's a bit embarrassing

10.06 Don't do that
That's dangerous (+5)

10.08 Ritsu Special Scenario
Get a CG

10.13 There all good I don't know what to choose (+5)
How aobut this one
It's nothing

10.15 Fashion Check

Chapter 11: Our Future

11.01 I'm ready
I nod
Mentally Yes (+5)

11.08 It's all right
I'm glad that you understand
No don't apologize (+5)

11.11 Try to cover it up (+5)
I'm sorry
Did you hear that just now

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