19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Several Shades of Sadism - Minami Kira

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: My Master is a Weirdo

1.03 Protected me
What's that supposed to mean (+5)
What are you talking about

1.07 Tell him to stop (+5)
Be exasperated
Shake him off

Chapter 2: Rental Concierge

2.05 What are you doing
Excuse you
Don't say anything (+5)

2.09 No thanks (+5)
Oh yes please

Chapter 3: I Don't Understand

3.01 Sweet Mission 
Require 250+ Elegant

3.04 I'm mad (+5)
Leave me alone
Ignore him

3.10 How'd I get here
What's going on (+5)
What happened

3.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Green Beaded Strap Pumps (Charm +40) - 300 Reward Points
Normal Route: Moss Green Ribbon Pumps (Charm +30) - 150 Reward Points/3,000 Gold

Chapter 4: The Man Behind The Mask

4.04 That's not what I meant
I know that (+5)

4.08 Yes (+5)
I wanna go there someday

Chapter 5: The Genius's Method

5.01 Sweet Mission 
Require 1,500+ Elegant

5.03 Stroke his hair (+5)
Pat his shoulder
Cradle his head

5.09 You must really not want to go (+5)
Why don't you just go
Let go of me

Chapter 6

6.01 Sweet Mission 
Require 2,000+ Elegant

6.04 I'm not your toy
Not again
Whatever (+5)

6.10 Because I want to be with you (+5)
Because you look sad
Because I'm your concierge

6.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Green Accented Eyes (Charm +60) - 500 Reward Points
Normal Route: Striped Shirt (Charm +50) - 200 Reward Points/5,000 Gold

Chapter 7: First Dates and Surprise Attacks

7.05 You must like mascots a lot
You're a workaholic (+5)
That's kind of cute

7.08 Seriously
Thanks (+5)
You're such a liar

Chapter 8: Worry and Danger

8.01 Sweet Mission
Require 4,000+ Elegant

8.04 Why do you say that
Nothing happened
Well (+5)

8.09 That's not true (+5)
Bite your lip

8.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Bubble Dress (Charm +80) - 600 Reward Points
Normal Route: Camo Flare Skirt (Charm +60) - 300 Reward Points/6,000 Gold

Chapter 9: Abyss

9.03 You're such an idiot
I don't forgive you
I'm glad you're safe (+5)

9.10 I'm happy because it's you
Is it that weird? (+5)
Now I know you better

Chapter 10: Release

10.01 It does
What are you doing to do to me? (+5)
Please stop

10.09 That's your fault
That's right
You knew that already (+5)

Chapter 11: Determination

11.04 Run if you want to get away
You're so sweet Mr. Minami (+5)
I won't shut up

11.10 Really
I hope that's true (+5)
I don't believe it

Happy End 
Required Elegance: 16,000
Affection: 100+ Pts

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  1. in ch 10 the question ch 2 not ch 1
    it was what are you going to do to me ? not What are you doing to do to me?