19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Several Shades of Sadism - Toma Kira

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for theWalkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Impossible Order

1.03 I apologize for my mistake (+5)
As you said
You're not mistaken

1.08 Reaction
I don't want to worry you
I wasn't planning on (+5)

Chapter 2: A Strange Request

2.03 I will sir (+5)
I endeavor to do better

2.10 I made it just like you taught me
Is it I'm sorry (+5)
No way

Chapter 3: Feeling of Unease

3.04 They're all so beautiful
I can't choose
I don't know which one suit me (+5)

3.10 Call his name
Chase after him (+5)
Try to grab his hand

3.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Blue Beaded Strap Pumps (Charm +40) - 300 Reward Points
Normal Route: Mint Green Ribbon Pumps (Charm +30) - 3,000 Gold

Chapter 4: Innocent Sleep

4.01 I will do it myself next time
I shouldn't have gotten help
Is there anything else I can help you with (+5)

4.07 Aren't you tired
You should probably get some rest now (+5)
You have to get a good night's sleep

Chapter 5: Premonition

5.03 You really think so
I'm really glad to hear it (+5)
I can still learn so much more

5.08 N-no
Forget me what about you (+5)
What are you doing here

Chapter 6: Destressing Distance

6.04 Good morning (+5)
Oh you're home
Sorry for getting up late

6.09 You have to take a break (+5)
You're still awake
You're working all day and night again

6.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Blue Accented Eyes (Charm +60) - 500 Reward Points
Normal Route: Short Sleeved Chiffon Blouse (Charm +50) -200 Reward Points/5,000 Gold

Chapter 7: Righteousness and Dreams

7.04 I'll call for a taxi (+5)
Shall I call a taxi
I'll call a mechanic

7.08 What should I do
I can't walk like this
You go back ahead of me (+5)

Chapter 8: His Secrets

8.03 I just happened to pass by
I didn't mean to (+5)
I wasn't

8.09 I'm sorry (+5)
Um I
Say nothing

8.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Elegant Blue Dress (Charm +80) - 600 Reward Points
Normal Route: Off White Flare Skirt (Charm +60) - 300 Reward Points / 6000 Gold

Chapter 9: Intentions and Reasons

9.03 Do you have anyrequest for me today (+5)
Are you headed to work already
Should I take care of the newspaper for you

9.08 Try to deny it
Question it
Admit your feelings (+5)

Chapter 10: Invisible Kindness

10.04 I agree
He's taken good care of me too
He really is a kind person (+5)

10.07 Make an excuse
Say it's not a date (+5)
Say it's a misunderstanding

Chapter 11: Deep Bonds

11.04 You shouldn't have come
Why did you come
Don't speak (+5)

11.09 Yes
It's just something in my eye
I'm just really happy (+5)

Happy End
Required Elegance: 16,000
Affection: 100+ Pts

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