27 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Knight's Devotion - Gaia

Main Story

Episode 1
Ask about being your guardian
Call for Gaia

Episode 2
It likes you.
Tend to him gently

Episode 3
It's not an order.

Episode 4
Cheer up.
Get mad

Episode 5
Let's think together.
Would you like some fruit?

Episode 6
Throw yourself on him
Squeeze his hand

Episode 7
I believe in you, Gaia.
You were so cool...

Episode 8
Because Gaia's important to me.
Don't say anything

Episode 9
You have a strong grip.
You're cute!

Episode 10
I'll support him.

Episode 11
Give him a flower

Episode 12
Of course.
Touch his cheek

Episode 13
Hug him
Rest your forehead against his

Episode 14
Gaia' s more amazing.
Ask why

Episode 15
Squeeze his hand
Kiss his cheek

Happy End


Episode 1
Lean your face against his chest
Hold hands

Episode 2
I want to be alone with you.
Do you hate the Count?

Episode 3
Do it to Gaia, too
Investigate it

Episode 4
Luck with love.
Let's hold hands.

Episode 5
Find something interested to talk about

Episode 6
Say you love him

Episode 7
Because of a lover.
You must be tired from your journey.

 Episode 8
Sleep together
I wish we could stay like this.

Episode 9
I want to stay like this.
Because Gaia consoled me.

Happy End

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