27 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Knight's Devotion - Ken

Main Story

Episode 1
Call me what you always do.
Let's share it.

Episode 2
Look down silently

Episode 3
Search for Ken
Because you told me honestly.

Episode 4
Take a walk
Stand still

Episode 5
Play the name game
It's fine how it is now.

Episode 6
I wonder why?

Episode 7
Follow him

Episode 8
Throw the door open
Ask him directly

Episode 9
Glance at Ken
Squeeze his hand

Episode 10
Stay silent
Wait for Ken

Episode 11
Obey him and go to sleep

Episode 12
Vehemently deny it
Answer honestly

Episode 13
Reach your hand out again
Talk about the stars

Episode 14
Force a smile and tell him

Episode 15
Look at Ken's face
Thank you.

Happy End


Episode 1
I trust you.
It's not enough.

Episode 2
You're joking, right?
Be honest and apologize

Episode 3

Episode 4
Glare at him
Next time.

Episode 5
It's hard to write with ketchup.
Say: "I love you too." shyly.

Episode 6
Look at Ken
Admit you don't know

Episode 7
Ask Ken
Then I'll always smile.

Episode 8
I'm not scared when I'm with you.
You go first.

Episode 9
Ask to keep it a secret
You're thinking too much.

Happy End

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