10 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Kiss of Revenge - Kyosuke Narumi

Season 1: Main Story

I heard the best doctors are here.
People are talking about that?
Why are you the chairman?
Just thinking I should help out.
Easier said than done...
Are you teasing me?
You should get your eyes checked.
Going home.
Where are you right now?
We were talking about you.
See what he does.
I was kinda worried.
Go thank him.
That's okay.
Keep your feelings in check. [= Continue on Main Story]
I do?
I don't know.
I don’t know about that...
It's nothing.
Divert his attention somehow.
Maybe I am.
Pick up.
That can't be true.
I have too much work to do.
Don't say it like that.
I was with her when...
Leave him a note and go back.

Call him later.
Ask why he was removed as chair.
No funny stuff, got it?
Return his embrace.
Your place sounds good.
It's late, time for bed!
I'm sorry.
I'll come back.
What do you mean by that?
Are you really going to Germany?

Season 2: Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Hehe, of course
He is the kindest person I know
Episode 2
I have dinner plans with my dad
I don’t want you to see me like this
Episode 3
Do you need help with anything?
… I can recharge you?
Episode 4
We’re doing well
Whatever, as long as I’m with you
Episode 5
Stop by his office
I want both
Episode 6
What’s gotten into you?
Thank you
Episode 7
Who’s fault do you think this is exactly?
Flash him a smile
Episode 8
Do I look weird?
I’d love to have known you back then
-talk about the photo-continues to the main
Episode 9
Are you okay, Kyosuki?
Stay quiet and let Irie handle this
Episode 10
Are you worried about me?
Gently lay against him
Episode 11
I’m worried about Daidouji...
That’s not true
Episode 12
Care for some coffee?
You plan on running away without a fight?
Episode 13
I’m head over heels all over again…
I’ll do what I can to help
Episode 14
Jump in between them
Says the man who got punched in the face
Episode 15
I have Kyosuki
You’re the only one I love
Happy Ending


Season 2: Another Story
Episode 1
I can’t wait
Want to come in for a cup of tea?
Episode 2
I’ve come for some of your TLC
You knew exactly what I wanted…
Episode 3

What do you want to talk about?
Episode 4
I wish this was a joke…
I’m sorry I’m being selfish…
Episode 5
Silently watch him
Kyosuki...it hurts

Episode 6
I want you here tonight…
Rely on me more… Let me spoil you

Happy Ending

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