10 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Kiss of Revenge - Soichiro Irie

Season 1: Main Story

It's an honor.
Come back later.
I'm joking.
I'd like to stay a little longer...
Don't do anything.
I wanted to experience Tokyo.
Well, I made it through the night...
I was holding both of them together.
I thought you were from Tokyo...
Is it okay for me to be here...?
You'd… accompany me?
See what they're swarming around.
You really don't mind?
Look away. [= Continue on Main Story]
Slump down into the couch.
I am really sorry.
I have an operation in the morning.
It's a secret.
Go to the director's office.
Are you free tonight?
Breathe deeply.
Why are you so nice to me?
I'm not falling for that.
I'm worried about you.
Something came up?
Let's go to a cafe somewhere.
Go to Internal Medicine.
Weird like how?

Pick up.
You think so?
Look at him.
So do you.
Would you like to come up?
Did you have a good day off?
You're not getting in?
Be subtle.
Say something.
Admit it.

Season 2: Main Story
(*Note: Special Thansk to Deborah for these Walkthroughs!)

Episode 1
And it’s all thanks to you
I could say the same for you
Episode 2
Is there anything I can help you with?
Your hand is so warm
Episode 3
Can’t have people finding out your secret identity!
Same goes for you
Episode 4
Turn down the directors invite
I like being next to you
Episode 5
Talk with Soichiro
He’s kind and has an amazing smile
Episode 6
Tell him what your dad said
Tell the truth
Episode 7
I’ll wear it every day
… I can’t say
Episode 8
Search through the cabinets
Start talking
-look away-continue to the main story
Episode 9
It’s sad that I won’t work at Ebisu
… Yes, of course
Episode 10
(maybe I can see him after Daidouji)
Let me think it over
Episode 11
We trust each other
Discuss things with Soichiro
Episode 12
Good evening
Trust Soichiro’s memory
Episode 13
I’d never think that
Um... please be gentle
Episode 14
Squeeze his hand
Link arms
Episode 15
Find Soichiro
I’m here for Ebisu General

Happy Ending

Season 2: Another Story

Episode 1
Of course not
You’re too nice
Episode 2
Thank you
You are cute too, Soichiro
Episode 3
I was lonely
Stories about a boy who became a great doctor
Episode 4
We were just talking about you Soichiro
You too are as close as ever
Episode 5
I want to spend time alone with you
Somewhere special to you
Happy Ending

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