13 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Pirates in Love - Eduardo

Main Story

Episode 1
Ok! I'll go to sleep.
I used to clean everyday.

Episode 2
I'm sorry too...
Please let me go!

Episode 3
Heh, you're kinda cute.
I close my eyes

Episode 4
I push him away abruptly
I feel safe in your arms.

Episode 5
I'm gonna go.
Two silver coins

Episode 6
Drink like crazy
You mean love?

Episode 7
Thank you!
I've got pollen allergy.

Episode 8
I'm so shy-I look away.
I wanna know more about him.

Episode 9
I want to hear you sing, Eduardo.
Let's give her a hand together!

Episode 10
Squeeze his hand
You can change your life now.

Episode 11
Try to get away from him

Episode 12
Thank goodness!
Punch him

Episode 13
We happened to pass by just now.
Kick his crotch

Episode 14
I said I'm nervous.
I love you so much.

Episode 15
Give it a try
The basement


Episode 1
It's suspicious.

Episode 2
A little.
I'm Eduardo's woman.

Episode 3
I like the Sirius.
Please help us!

Episode 4
Can I?

Episode 5
There are other important matters.
I'm scared.

Episode 6
Of course!
What's wrong with being mixed blood?

Episode 7
I believe he can.
Your kinder.

Episode 8
I'm the same.
I'll go to!

Episode 9
I'm worried about you.
It made me happy.

Second Sequel

Episode 1
Maybe he's still alive.
Leave it up to Eduardo

Episode 2
No, you can't!
Please continue.

Episode 3
I'll show you the town!
I'm his lover.

Episode 4
Because I'm a girl.
That's wrong!

Episode 5
I thought you'd tell me eventually.
Please come for me!

Episode 6
I want to see Eduardo.
Ask a ship to take us.

Episode 7
Call his name
He was drifting in the ocean.

Episode 8
Ask a public instruction for help
Do what you want.

Episode 9
Go in from the back
Shoot me.

Episode 10
Call for Eduardo
I feel sorry for him.

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