15 May, 2014

Be my Princess 2 - Other Characters

Wilfred, Wilfred’s son (current King) King Alfred, Prince Hayden
 Lady Leila, Oliver's older sister
 Glenn, Glenn (50 years later), Kuon and Shion. Shion is Kuon's younger twin brother in the Gree Version
 Prince Alan - and 50 years later
 Joshua, Joshua’s son (current King), Sieg


Prince Hayden/Loyd (Claude's grandson)
 Mikhail/Prince Ivan
Prince Kevin/ Luke (Yes, the original Luke from BMP)
Prince Oliver/Werner (Alberto's grandson)
 Kent (Yu's grandson)/Prince Kuon
 Prince Sieg/Hans (Jan's grandson)
 Gaston/ Prince Maximillion
 Lavi/Prince Aslan
Zain III - Butler of Noble Michael

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