06 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Office Secrets - Ryoma Shirasagi

Main Story

Episode 1
Good at brainstorming
Bring it on!

 Episode 2
I'll go there myself.
I don't think it's pointless.

 Episode 3
Show him your work
It's frustrating...

 Episode 4
I'm good with children.

Episode 5
I respect him.
I'm not used to being praised.

 Episode 6
The children are smiling.
He's like my teacher.

 Episode 7
I'm happy.
Give your take on the concept

 Episode 8
Another drink?
Ask for more space

 Episode 9
Apologize again
I'll go back to the office.

 Episode 10
I can control myself!
Wipe it off

Episode 11
I'm a bit stressed.
Ask if he wants a drink

 Episode 12
Ask him about it

 Episode 13
I was just thinking...
I'm not going.

 Episode 14
What are you doing here?
Get some fresh air


 Episode 1
You can go in before me.
Move them closer

 Episode 2
Of course I'll need help.
Keep it professional

Episode 3
Analyze data
Ask him

 Episode 4
See you soon.
Not tonight...

 Episode 5
We definitely do not!
It's just my job.

 Episode 6
Laugh it off
Give more evidence

 Episode 7
Try to get free
Say nothing

 Episode 8
Say it's a thank you
Thank him

 Episode 9
Ask what's going on
I admire him.

The Proposal

Episode 1
I’m sad.
I’ll be waiting for you!

Episode 2
Smile back at him

Episode 3
Invite him to come along
I can test myself in New York!

Episode 4
Kept quiet and watched
Meekly accept his offer

Episode 5
We’re part of the team too.
(It’s been a while since I’ve smiled.)

Episode 6
Defend Ryoma
Do as he says

Episode 7
Say you were just out for a walk
Pull my arm away at once

Episode 8
Replying modestly

Episode 9
It was my own fault.
Ryoma really is amazing!

The Wedding

Episode 1
Say something to Dad
You’ve had a tiring day.

Episode 2
It was cute.
Ask an abstract question

Episode 3
It’s way too early.
Keep chasing after her

Episode 4
Ask him to describe Sara’s appeal
Give my opinion

Episode 5
Keep persuading
Say that it’s nothing

Episode 6
Answer him professionally
Force a laugh

Episode 7
Defend Sara
You can do it!

Episode 8
Give in and smile
Tear up

Episode 9
Wait for Ryoma to initiate

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