16 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - Noritsune Taira

Chapter 1

Are you sure it's all right? - Love State -1
I'm sorry, but I have to refuse. - Love State +1

Pass Checkpoint
Need 2x Pass
Get CG

I'll scream. - Love State -1
You have to go now! - Love State +1

Chapter 2

Mini Game Checkpoint
 60% Success Rate

I wonder if you're right? - Love State -1
I accept the danger. - Love State +1

What are you doing here...!? - Love State +1
Don't come any closer! - Love State -1

Get CG

Chapter 3

I don't love him - Love State +1
I don't know. - Love State -1

Get CG

Mini Game Checkpoint
 40% Success Rate

Sohma? - Love State -1
Yoshitsune? - Love State +1

Chapter 4

I want to say by your side. - Love State +1
I want to see my parents. - Love State -1

I'm just happy. - Love State +1
I'm just surprised. - Love State -1

Pass Checkpoint
Need 2x Pass

Chapter 5

I feel the same way. - Love State +1
That can't be... - Love State -1

Pass Checkpoint
Need 4x Pass

Flee. - Love State +1
Help me. - Love State -1

Chapter 6

Please let me stay with you. - Love State +1
I don't want to be left alone. - Love State -1

Pass Checkpoint
Need 8x Pass

(*Note: Depending on which answer you pick next, you get either the CG with Noritsune and Sohma fighting, or with Yoshitsune and Noritsune fighting. You can't get both CG's, so you have to replay the whole Noritsune-Route to get the other CG.)

I refuse. - Love State +1
This isn't like you. - Love State -1

Get CG



  1. Where is the rest of Noritsune's story?

    1. Sorry, I was sure I added the whole Walkthrough! Thanks for letting me know! :)

  2. Hi Dawn. I've only just started playing Noritsune's route today and. . . Well I saw that there are only two endings with CGs. And the love meter is different compared to the others so I'm a bit confused. If I choose all of the Love state + answers, which ending do I get? And which ending do I get if I choose all of the Love State - answers?