28 June, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Ren Shibasaki Season 1

(*Note: If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.)

Season 1: Main Story

1.02 A: Don't be rude to Ren. (+10)
B: Of course, we both love each other.

1.08 A: Alright.
B: I have a request. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

2.02 A: Can I look inside your fridge? (+10)
B: You don't even have any loose leaf tea?

2.06 A: No way!
B: I'll sleep on the living room sofa. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

3.03 A: Are you sure you want me working here? (+10)
B: Of course, I'd be happy to!

3.08 A: You need to have a balanced diet. (+10)
B: Don't be so childish...

~ Avatar Mission ~
Normal RouteMacaron Ribbon Slippers (600 Mari)
Sweet Route: Fluffy House Wear Outfit (200 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

4.02 A: I'm so glad you came back. (+10)
B: Cling to Ren without saying anything.

4.08 A: Don't worry about it. (+10)
B: That was quite a shock.

(Get a Letter)

5.02 A: Yes, of course. (+10)
B: Oh, I suppose so.

5.08 A: Would it be alright if I went? (+10)
B: Yeah, I want to go!

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 3,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

6.05 A: You don't know anything about Ren. (+10)
B: Results are not everything!

6.09 A: Aren't you tired of your sleeping bag? (+10)
B: I'm sorry to take your bed...

(Get a Letter)

7.01 A: Aren't we going to the zoo today?
B: Are you going to the lab today? (+10)

7.09 A: Did you know I was looking at this?
B: Why did you get this? (+10)

~ Avatar Mission ~
Normal Route: Tricolor Bag (5,000 Mari)
Sweet Route: Zoo Date Outfit (500 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

8.01 A: It's all thanks to you, Ren. (+10)
B: Sorry about all the  trouble I caused.

8.08 A: You should go see her. (+10)
B: Why not?

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 15,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

9.02 A: Of course I'm home.
B: I'm glad you came home. (+10)

9.09A: I'm glad we can tell my uncle. (+10)
B: I wish we could have told everyone too.

(Get a Letter)

10.02 A: Unfortunately... (+10)
B: What's royal etiquette?

10.04 A: Alright, bring it on! (+10)
B: Can I take a quick break?

~ Avatar Mission ~
Normal Route: Beige Actress Hat (10,000 Mari)
Sweet Route: Meet The Parents Outfit (750 Coins) -> get CG

(Get a Letter)

11.07 A: No... (+10)
B: All right.

11.09 A: How does Ren really feel? (+10)
B: I'm done...

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 30,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

12.07 A: Of course! (+10)
B: Me...?

12.09 A: You could tell from my flower arrangement?
B: I'm sorry... (+10)

(Get a Letter)

13.07 A: I missed you too. (+10)
B: I thought I would never see you again.

13.08 A: Don't throw it away.

B: Isn't that ring special to you? (+10)

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 50,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

14.03 A: Let's go back to your country. (+10)
B: You don't want the support of your parents?

14.10 A: You'll be fine. 
B: Thank you. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

[no choices]

(Get a Letter, CG & Dress + Background for Super Happy End, only Dress for Happy End)


[no choices]


  1. Finita la storia con Ren! *_*
    Troppo carino lui!!!! <3
    La nonna è una tipa! XDXD
    Grazie per le risposte! Ne ho approfittato qualche volta...XD
    Ho notato che dopo un certo punto però, le risposte davano + 20, non 10...?


    I've finished Ren's story!
    He's too cute!!! *_*
    His granny is really something! XD
    Thank you for the answers, I took a peek sometimes! XD
    I've noticed that after a certain point of the story, I've started to get + 20 and not 10...?

    (va bene se scrivo sia ita che inglese...? Così capiscono tutti...:P)

    1. Yes, it's totally okay that way, so everyone can read what you wrote too ;)
      Ren is the only one I haven't played yet (I'm currently with Yuta <3 ) but if the story is a little bit like in the paid version, then I'm really looking forward to it!
      The +20 was only because of the special campaign during the new character release. It was only for anout 2 days, that you got double the chemistry.

  2. Need your help! I couldn't read the epilogue after I finished a super happy end :'( help me, where can I find it? not in the "album"...

    1. Hi Anon!

      Have you already switched the Charcter? If so, I'm afraid you can't read the Epilogue. If not, you should be abe to read the Epilogue directly after the Super Happy End. You need Love Passes for it. If you still can't read it, please contact Voltage Inc. directly via the Suport Center. By the way: Only Event Epilogues are available to read anytime in the Diary. :)


  3. Hello, me again :)
    I dont remember where exactly but I think it was around chapter 6 there is a wrong answer.

  4. Hello, me again :)
    I dont remember where exactly but I think it was around chapter 6 there is a wrong answer.

  5. Hello. How can I get coins? Should I purchase it in the app store? Or there are some other ways? I don't have enough money

    1. No, you have to purchase it inside the game. Best way is while you try to purchase the item/cloth you want, so you only pay the amount of coins you really need. And sadly the only way to get the coins is to buy them with real money.

  6. Help! It says that after you finish the Super Happy End you get a letter, CG, and dress. I got none of those things!

    1. Have you also red through the Epilogue? You only get the Dress and Background after the Epilogue (as far as I can remember). The CG should be automatically saved in your Album.
      If you already red through the Epilogue and still didn't got anything, please contact Voltage Inc directly via the support center in the game, so they can search for what went wrong and send you everything.
      Hope this helps!