16 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Yamato: Birthday Kiss Event

 Yamato: Birthday Kiss 


(*Note: Affection points might be different if you have played the Kunian Route first!)

1.03 A: “Of course I have.” (+200 Affection)
B: “I’ll never tell you.”

Need 100 Affection

1.04 ~Mission~
Need 1,000 Affection

2.02 ~Mission~
Need 4,000 Affection

2.03 A: Continue to stubbornly hide your hand. (+200 Affection)
B: Lie.

2.04 ~Mission~
Need 7,500 Affection

3.03 ~Mission~
Kiss Party Bag 7.000 Mari

3.04 A: You don't like Saeki? (+200 Affection)
B: Apologize for turning him down.

4.01 ~Mission~ 
Need 9,000 personal Affection

Need 11,500 Affection

4.04 ~Mission~ 
Need 17.500 Affection
    A: Ask. (+200 Affection)
    B: Don't Ask.

(*Note: Affection points might be different if you have played the Couple Route first!)

1.01 ~Mission~ 
Need 19,680 Total Affection (2nd Route)
Need 21,300 Total Affection(2nd Route)

1.05 A: I want to eat your cooking. (+200 Affection)
B: I don't care as long as you celebrate it with me.

2.02 ~Mission~ 
Need 26700 Total Affection  (2nd Route)
2.03 A: I was trying to decide what to start with. 
B: I wish the manager could try some of this. (+200 Affection)

2.04 ~Mission~
Need 33,000 Total Affection (2nd Route)

3.02 ~Avatar Mission~
Pearl Ring Earring (4500 Mari)
3.05 A: I was just weirded out. 
B: Are you having a good time? (+200 Affection)

4.01 A: I have no idea. 
B: Was the party really that bad? (+200 Affection)

Need 40,200 Total Affection (2nd Route)

4.03 ~Mission~
Need 51,000 Total Affection (2nd Route)

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