17 July, 2014

NEWS - July

Other NEWS

NEW SUB STORY for Serendipity Next Door: Shinobu and Izumi's POV

 NEW SPIN OFF for "Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+" Find out more about Hajime.

 COMING SOON - Koyonplete's "Love Academy" with voices!

NEW EVENT on "My Forged Wedding - Party": Secret Love Island. Available only until 11.August. Walkthrough added on this blog!

NEW GAME "My Fairy Tales +" will be released in August!

 If you have sent a message to Masaomi, you should check out now your app! Maybe he wrote back to you!

EVENT for "Lost Island+" out: Collect "Zombe Powder" to get Special Avatar Items!

EVENT: Now is you chance to get some of CG's for "Destiy Ninja" you might have missed out.  Limited time only!

Aoi's riot Avatar item s available in the Slot. Limited tim (1. August)

1st EVENT for "Ninja Assassin +"Collect Smiles and get a story. Limited time only (7. August)

Special Sneak-peek!
Now's your chance to get 3 Special Images and a link to the opening movie of this exciting new app!
All you have to do is download "Our Two Bedroom Story," "Enchanted in the Moonlight" and "My Forged Wedding"! The image link will appear in the news pop-up!
-> Will add the CG's on FLD's page under "Other Pictures" soon!

OKKO's "My Sweet Proposal" now also available for iOS!

NEW CHARACTER Keita Mitsui for Okko's "My Sweet Proposal" out now!

If you haven't played all routes yet, now is your chance to save money with the SPECIAL SALE!

Tsubasa's SEQUEL is finally out! What will you do, if your BF suddenly get's the leading role of an major movie project? Will you be jealous or troubled or do you feel lonely with him out for work so much? -> CG's available on this BLOG!

Spend an exciting day with one of the brothers in the new SUB STORY!

For those of you who haven't played MSB so far: Kaiji's STORY BUNDLE is available!

Soji's Avatar is out for sale now to! Check out "Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+" if you wanna buy it!

New Sub Story for "Shall we date?: Ninja Love+" is out!

So here is the opening movie of the upcoming new Voltage Game "First Love Diaries"!
 NEW GAME! Animal Boyfriend now available on Google Play. Now available without country restriction! (Can finally play it, yesss!)

NEWS about the upcoming "Shall we date?: My Fairy Tale+":
You all who played My Fairy Tales' paid version must remember the three doors at Grandma's house.
The first door leads to the world of Cinderella.
The second door leads to the world of Snow White.
And the third door leads to the world of the Little Mermaid...
But now, this summer, for those of you who have a high magical power, there is a fourth door for you to open... It leads to the world of Thumbelina!
The new character, Thumbelina is scheduled to be available in late August, in My Fairy Tales+!
Don't miss it!!

New SPIN OFF for "Shall we date?: My sweet Prince+" is out.

 NEW VOLTAGE GAME is coming soon. I'll try to add it asap! (I'm so excited!)

Check out the new SEASONELLE. You'll get a first glimps of the NEW CHARCTER (I think his name is Tsumugu Kido)

First Event Gacha for "My Forged Weddin - Party" is on! Only for a limited time!

NEW GAME coming soon! This time it's the + Version of "Shall we date?: My Fairy Tale" (I'll add it asap)

You can buy now Sion avatar items for "Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+"

NEW CHARACTER for My Sweet Proposal "Mitsui Keita" coming on 31. July!

Kaiji's DEAD or LOVE Sequel is out, and so is his STORY BUNDLE! What happens during your engagement party? Check out the new story of "My Sweet Bodyguard".

NEW SUB STORY for "Shall we date?: Ninja Love +" is out!

NEW SUB STORY for "Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is out! If you buy it now, zou'll get a speial CG! (*Note: Because of the volume of the Sub Story the price is the same as for a Main Story. Also you'll get 2 CG's per character)

LIMITED TIME ONLY! For Okko's "My Sweet Proposal":You can get this Standing Mirror with 10 Charm Points for FREE. Go on My Page to the "Sales Packages - 50 % OFF!" page and scroll down to the "Diamond Pack". Purchase it for 0 Platinum! (I think it's a bug but who am I to complain about getting s.t. for free, hehe)

Celebration Time for Destiny Ninja!

 Soon there will be a EVENT for "Shall we date?: Lost Island +"

EVENT for "Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate +" is out. Check your app for more infos!

NEW GAME! Mirandas Choice now also available for your smartphone. Maybe you already know the game from the PC-version? Now on sale on Google Play.

There is a strange women in Oliver's room! Is he cheating on you? Read his SEQUEL if you want to find out the truth. -> CG's already available on this BLOG!

My forged Wedding SUB STORY is out! What will you do with your husband this summer? > CG's already available on this BLOG!

Mamo's SEQUEL is out! > CG's already available on this BLOG!

For everyone who can't wait for Akito's route to be released! Get a first glimpse of him!
Click HERE for the Question/Answers.

Kaiji will be next for the DEAD or LOVE Sequel - > CG's already available on this BLOG!

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo SUB STORY coming soon! -> CG's already available on this BLOG!

 MPD's best sniper, Shusuke Asano, will be released soon!!! > CG's already available on this BLOG!

O.M.G... look at Nagisa... he did quite get some suntan, heheh. Class Trip Crush's SUB STORY is out!

 Happy Birthday Yamato & Sora (from MSB).

WOW! A NEW CHARACTER will be out for "Ninja Assassin +" I really have no idea who this might be...

Jinpachi is back from Afrika but what will happen next? Check out his SEQUEL EPILOGUE!

If you buy the Story Bundle, you'll get a Handbook page. For those who already bought the stories, the special page will be given anyway. More infos about this will  be released on 6. August.

 DEAD or LOVE is finally out! To celebrate it, Voltage released a 20% discount bundle. This is expecially intersting for those of you, who just started the game, since it includes Subaru's Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel.

SUMMER SALE on "Deamy Days in West Tokyo"!

 Don't miss the newesr updates of "Our Two Bedroom Story"s SEASONELLE. It informs you about the newest stories and upcoming releases of the game.

SUMMER SALE on "Our Two Bedroom Story"!

 Get a Mononoke Kiss+ costume for your "Ninja Assassin+" Avatar!

 More Avatar items for Missions on "Ninja Assassin+" available!

 I hope you have some Ticket's stored. If not check ou the Missions. There might be a chance for you to get a Ticket for free.

 "Shall we date?: My sweet Prince" Get Slot-Tickets for free by completing Missions.

Check out the Missions if you wanna get a Magical Book (for example: Complete 2 endings= get 1 Magical Book...)

 NEW GAME! "Lost Island +"
 Tadanobu Nomura from "Metro PD" has now it's SEQUEL on Sale!
 2 new SUB STORIES for "Class Trip Crush are now available!

 1st EVENT on "My Forged Wedding - Party". It's Yamato: Birthday Kiss.
Hurry up and get a special gift if you complete both routes early! (Walkthrough and CG available on this Blog!)
Chiaki Yuasa fom "Our Two Bedroom Story" has it's SEQUEL EPILOGUE out!
 IVAN CHERNENKOV is the next one of the princes of "Be my Princess 2" who will be relesed!

 Hi everybody, it's Producer K who hasn't had anything but Hi-Chews since this morning!

Well, that aside... Time for the announcement... *drumrolls* *spotlights*
The characters who made it in the best ten in our popularity contest at Anime Expo 2014 are...!!

1st place: Saizo (216 votes)
2nd place: Kotaro (179)
3rd place: Chezem (107)
4th place: Goemon (100)
5th place: Ruvel (87)
6th place: Sasuke (76)
7th place: Kazemasa (72)
8th place: Yoshitsune (65)
9th place: Mizuki (62)
10th place: Enya (61)

Whooohooo Saizo! Hip, hip, hurray, Saizo!

Turns out Saizo from Ninja Love+ won the hearts of more fans than any other character!
...So, y'all like sadistic characters, huh? I see, I see...

Thanks again to all of you who voted at the Anime Expo!
Gotta get going. C ya!
 NEW GAME! "Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate" (the paid Version) is out!
Don't miss THE LAST 2 SUB STORIES of "Be my Princess". According my information, the game is closed after this. There won't be any new stories, since in Japan they have finished the game too...  .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

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