11 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love + Sasuke Sarutobi

Main Story

(*Note: To get the Super Happy End, you'll need a Love Potion.)

Chapter 1

1.04 L-Let me go! [Brilliant!]

1.11 Don't do that! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 2

2.04 I'm tired. [Brilliant!]

2.06 Lower your face. [Brilliant!]

2.07 Passport Checkpoint
1 Passports needed

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 3

3.0? I understand. [Brilliant!]

3.07 Minigame Checkpoint
25% Success Rate

3.09 I like you too? [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 4

4.05 Just holding hands. [Brilliant!]

4.08 Charm Level Checkpoint

4.0? Are you ok, Sasuke? [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 5

5.04 I-Impossible! [Brilliant!]

5.06 Thank you... [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.03 Someone... [Brilliant!]

6.06 Maybe... [Brilliant!]

Chapter 7

7.02 Call for help. [Brilliant!]

7.06 Minigame Checkpoint
25% Success Rate

7.07 Interested. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 8

8.06 It's not. [Brilliant!]

8.09 Cheer up! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 9

9.04 Not now... [Brilliant!]

9.09 Leave me! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 10

10.03 As if... [Brilliant!]

10.04 Passport Checkpoint
4 Passports needed

10.09 Don't die! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 11

11.04 W-wait! [Brilliant!]

11.06 Passport Checkpoint
7 Passports needed

11.09 Stroke hair. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 12 

12.03 My name is_ [Brilliant!]

12.07 Sasuke, run! [Brilliant!]

12.0? Charm Level Checkpoint

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 13

13.02 Seek a chance. [Brilliant!]

13.03 Flail around. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Super Happy Ending 

Passport Checkpoint
11 Passports needed

(Get CG)


  1. What gives you a right to make false answers on a Walkthrough? I guess you girls need taught a lesson on how to conduct yourselves.

    1. Hi! Kuma here.

      So, tell me girl. What gives YOU the right to be so rude? Or is that you, Master Saizo? (ノ ゜口゜)ノ
      So, Christianna. Did you get the wrong ending, or did you miss a CG? Why did you write a comment like this? Huh?


  2. Hi there. I'm sad to say that with the above answers I got an unhappy ending T_T May it be different between the two different versions of the game?

    1. Do you mean between the online and the Paid game? I don't think that there are any differences, but I've heard, that there might be some differences in the answers, depending on which device you play - iOS or android.
      Anyway, I'm gonna check and update the Walkthrough, just to make sure. Sorry that you got the Unhappy Ending! -_-

    2. Thank you for checking! I didn't know that there was a difference between devices!!!

  3. Hi!
    I chose brilliant answer in every time. And stil I must use LovePotion in the end to get super happy ending. And I did not get the two last love letters.
    Should one get the letters by the best answer, meaning brilliant answers. Or should I have chosen not so good answers to get those?
    I play via iPad, not paid version. NinjaLove+ / NTT Solmare Corporatio

    1. Hm, that's strange. If you got a brilliant answer every time, you should also be able to get the super happy ending.
      About the letters: that might be a mistake on my side. I need to check to see, if I was mistaken. Thanks for telling!