11 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love + Hanzo Hattori

Main Story

(*Note: To get the Super Happy End, you'll need a Love Potion.)

Chapter 1

1.10 Please get angry with me. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 2

2.3 You're not scary! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 3

3.3 I'm naked! [Brilliant!]

3.6 Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passport needed

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 4

4.7 You're like an older brother... [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 5

5.4 I can’t leave you! [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 6

6.11 That's not all, you know [Brilliant!]

6.? Passport Checkpoint: 4 Passport needed

(Get Love Letter)

Super Happy Ending 

 Passport Checkpoint: 5 Passport needed

(Get Love Letter, CG)

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  1. 1.9. Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passport needed