03 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin + Aoi

Main Story

(*Note: You'll need a "Ritual Arrow" to get the Sweet Ending. You can get it by buying it with real money, or from the Koban Slot (you need to collect 10 tickets for one Arrow, chance to get = 25%, you get 2 tickets at a time). Also, the Stylish Level might differ from what is written here, depending on how many routes you have played. The one mentioned here is for your first route.)

Chapter 1

 1.02 I don't know...
I don't mind... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

1.08 I can sleep on the floor! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Is that a problem?

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 2

2.04 Let's go! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
You don't have to.

2.09 How long are you going to hold my hand? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 3

3.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint
Need Stylish Level at 300

3.03 I'll be in the way.
Are you sure? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

3.08 But I thought... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Why not?

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Chapter 4

4.05 I stopped Aoi. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I stopped Ichika.

4.09 I understand. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

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Chapter 5

5.01 Okay... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
It won't work.

5.03 Item Checkpoint 
Need 6x Purses

5.05 Nice to meet you...
Please stop! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]]

5.06 Get a CG

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.02 I'm not sure. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

6.03 Minigame Checkpoint
33% Success Rate

6.06 Get a CG

6.06 Like a little sister...? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Am I that stupid?

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 7

7.01 No...
Yes... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

7.07 Are you saying... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
You know me well.

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 8

8.01 That makes me happy... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
It's for work.

8.02 Stylish Level Checkpoint 
Need Stylish Level at 900

8.08 He touched my hand. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
No, nothing...

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 9

9.01 What do you mean?
But I'm always with you... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

9.02 Minigame Checkpoint
11% Success Rate

9.09 I'm actually scared. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I'm just excited.

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 10

10.02 I held his hand. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I stayed silent.

10.03 Item Checkpoint
Need 12x Purses

10.04 Get a CG

10.05 Get a CG

10.08 I'm about to.
No, I won't. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

10.10 Get a CG

(Get a Love Letter)

Happy Ending:

11.04 Stylish Level Checkpoint 
Need Stylish Level at 2400

Get a Love Letter, get CG

Sweet Ending

11.04 Stylish Level Checkpoint 
Need Stylish Level at 2400

Get a Love Letter, get CG


  1. Answers for his spin-off sweet ending = I'm coming with you + Congratulations!

  2. Please check out from chapter 6!! The answers I got were: I'm not sure
    and ...Yes for the first choise on this chapter

    1. You're right, there is a mistake. Thanks for telling and sorry for the wrong answer!


  3. For his Sweet Ending you need 2400 Stylish Level

    1. True... Sorry for the mistake and thanks for letting me know about it!

  4. Victor now has a story and can you do a walkthrough for it

  5. Your web page is amazing! Wow! And a written walk-through. (I haven't seen everything yet) but yes! No video walkthrough? lol, that would mess with copy right, right? Anyways! This is amazing, I am in love with your website and the games you played.

    1. Hi Anon!

      Thanks for liking my Blog! I'm happy you find it amazing. :D
      Actually I never heard about a video Walkthrough, so it simply never came to my mind to make one, lol
      Well, I'm sure Voltage Inc would remove it instantly, because of the copyrights, like you said. Solmare is not so strict, that's why there are more clips about their games out there, I guess.
      I hope you keep enjoying my blog and Happy Playing!!


  6. At 3.03. It says I need 2400 stylish points.

    This game is hard to pass check points without having to spend RL money it seems. Took me like a week to get enough stylish points to finish Soji's sweet ending. Any ideas?