18 August, 2014

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - Love is Actually All Around - Benkei [Walkthrough] & CG


Chapter 1

1.4 A short story collection.

 A romance novel. [Love State +1]

1.8 Are you tired? [Love State +1]
Won't you read, too, Benkei?

Chapter 2

2.1 Item Checkpoint – (2 Passports Required)

2.4 Benkei shoved me here. [Love State +1]
I can't really say.

2.5 I shall step in to stop it.  [Love State +1]
I shall find somebody to help him.

2.8 Item Checkpoint – (3 Passports Required)

Juicy Love End


Love is Actually All Around!! 2



  1. Thank you so much.you are really help me. Its so fast and your blog is up to date. Thank you for posting the latest spin off. :)

    1. Oh, thank you a lot, yuli! (^^,) Comments like yours really give me a boost to keep giving my best! Please, also check out the Credits page, if you ever have some time. All this amazing people on that page helped me with this blog.
      Keep having fun with your games! -Dawn-