18 August, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate + Furutsugu Akeshino

(*Note: It might be, that your love meter won't go up, because there is no right answer (I know that's strange, but Solmare made the game that way), so you can choose whatever you like. If you note, that an answer is wrong, or you know some of them, please send me a mail. Thanks (^^,)/ )
(Special Thanks to Jessica for her help!)

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.2 (Get CG)

1.7 Maybe... as some sort of atonement. [No change]
You don't need a reason to help somebody. [No change]

1.8 (Get CG)

1.15 Find Akifusa. [No change]
Find Gentoka. [No change]

1.18 (Get CG)

1.27 Go talk to Gentoka. [No change]
Go talk to Kuso. [No change]

1.29 (Get CG)

1.32 (Get CG)

Chapter 2

2.12 Go practice with a sword. [No change]
Go find the ancient texts. [No change]
See what Furutsugu is up to. [You made great choices!]

2.16 Go toward Toshi Temple. [No change]
Go toward the riverbed. [No change]

2.25 Help Gentoka. [No change]
Help Furutsugu. [You made great choices!]
Help Akifusa. [No change]

2.25 (Get CG)

2.26 (Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passport)

2.27 (Get CG)

Chapter 3

3.14 It's my... fate. [No change]
..... [No change]

3.20 Go look for Kodonomae. [No change]

Chapter 4

4.8 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passport)

4.15 Go fight with Gentoka. [No change]
Go fight with Kuso. [No change]
Go fight with Furutsugu. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 5

[No choices]

Chapter 6

6.6  Take Kodonomae side. [No change]

6.9  I hope you can make it happen... [You made great choices!]

6.12  ..... [No change]

6.16  (Charm Checkpoint)

6.19  Talk with Furutsugu. [You made great choices!]

6.27  Talk with Furutsugu. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 7

7.11 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

7.16  Go with Furutsuga [You made great choices!]

Chapter 8

8.8  Please leave me alone for awhile. [No change]
I'm sorry... [No change]

8.16  Talk about my childhood with Akifusa and Tomonori [No change]
Talk about my mother [No change]

Chapter 9

9.7  It's the same for me. [You made great choices!]

9.?  (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

9.16  Talk with Furutsugu [You made great choices!]

(Get CG)

Chapter 10

10.4  (Passport Checkpoint: 3 Passports)

10.15  Stop questioning him. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 11

11.9  ...I will gladly help. [You made great choices!]

11.20  That must have been very difficult...[You made great choices!]

(Get CG)

Chapter 12

[No choices]

Chapter 13

13.05 I've been waiting for this day of judgment  [You made great choices!]......

Chapter 14

14.17  Listen. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 15
15.10  I want to stand by you. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 16

16.5  I believe you... [You made great choices!]

Chapter 17

Depending on your answers you might get:

Sad Ending

Normal Ending
Happy Ending

(Get CG)


  1. There's a missing choice in 13.5

    "I've been waiting for this day of judgment (or something like that)" [you made great choices]
    "......" [you could do better.]

    1. Thanks Jessica! I added it ^^
      Happy Easter!