11 October, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess 2 - Maximillion Levaincois

Main Story

Episode 1
Really difficult to pronounce?
That’s a normal name.

Episode 2
You’re a good driver.
That sounds dirty.

Episode 3
Hmm, I dunno…

Episode 4
Champagne, please.
So cool…

Episode 5
A friend of yours?
Is that what it looks like?

Episode 6 
You drank too much.
I’m here for you.

Episode 7 
Shall we have tea together?
I thought you were a weirdo.

Episode 8
Don’t ask me that!
Of course not!

Episode 9
It’s nothing.
Don’t worry about that.

Episode 10
Me too.
I’m sorry…

Episode 11
My mind’s tough too.
Good luck with the shoot.

Episode 12
It was your efforts.
Just to talk?

Episode 13
I might be getting a cold.

Episode 14
Close your eyes.
I’ve fallen in love all over again.

Episode 15
The florist’s a hasty guy.

Happy Ending


Episode 1
The contrast he has.
Give him a bite

Episode 2
I’m worried about modeling.
We’re not married…

Episode 3
That’s a secret.
Offer a drink.

Episode 4
I thought you might not come.

Episode 5
Call him

Episode 6
Did you change your cologne?

Episode 7
Don’t look…
I’ve prepared myself.

Happy Ending

The Royal Wedding

Episode 1
You’re mean!

Episode 2
I don’t know!

Episode 3
Order the same
I’ll help.

Episode 4
Of course.
Chiboust cream.

Episode 5
Can I come with you?
Thank you.

Episode 6
Because I did it for you!
Episode 7

You’re joking, right?
You were so cool!

Episode 8
I fell in love with you again.
Is this your rebellious phase?

Episode 9
Please marry me!
Try to kiss him

Happy Ending

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