08 October, 2014

[Walkthrough] First Love Diaries - Sota Yamamoto

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
Hide behind Maki
Keep holding his gaze

Episode 2
Agree to wait at the school
We can talk about ourselves.

Episode 3
Thank him.
Be honest with him: “Your smile…”

Episode 4
Give up on the objective for now

Episode 5
I want to watch you practice.
I ran into Yas…

Episode 6
Pretend you didn’t hear anything
Ask him to hang out some more

Episode 7
I was really panicking!
Is it really okay?

Episode 8
Sit down next to him
You’ve got a bit of a sadistic streak, huh?

Episode 9
I really want to see you, too!
You’re kind of cute!

Episode 10
I hope you feel better.
"It is my business!" Argue with him.

Episode 11
Smile and tell him not to worry
Sota broke up with me.

Episode 12
I’m doing this for you.
Don’t go.

Episode 13
Don’t try to do everything alone.
Wrap up in the blankets

Episode 14
It’s a secret!

Season 1: Sequel
(*Note: This Sequel has two routes. At a certain point you can either choose the "Your Place" or the"His Place" Route. Both routes have either a Happy or a Super Happy End)

Episode 1
What do you think about anniversaries?
A guy who forgets anniversaries.

Episode 2
Check to see if he’s joking.
Please stay with me. (Your Place Route)
/ It’s okay, I’ll be fine. (His Place Route)

Your Place Route

Episode 3
I’ll be too embarrassed if you watch.
I just want to watch you eat.

Episode 4
I’ll lay out a futon for you.
Kiss his hand
Stay at the hotel

Super Happy End

His Place Route

Episode 3
Wait for Sota to speak
Let’s share the bed.

Episode 4
Why don’t we make something?
Ask Sota directly
Kiss him yourself

Super Happy End

Season 2: Senior Years

Episode 1
A prince
My boyfriend likes Motocross.

Episode 2
I do.
Don’t worry about it.

Episode 3
Hold his hand
Don’t worry about it.

Episode 4
Encourage him

Episode 5
Open the envelope
Tell Sota

Episode 6
Yes! He is!
You came for me!

Episode 7
It’s where we had our first date.
Minamoto Yoritomo

Episode 8
…more important to me than myself.
Make a weird face

Episode 9
Not at all!

Season 3: College Days

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah and Samoaya for sending me their Walkthroughs. Thanks!)

Episode 1
B: Send him good vibes.
B: Sota

Episode 2
A: I'd be a bit bothered...
B: Of course I'll go!

Episode 3
B: Of course!
A: I've thought about it.

Episode 4
A: Help in the kitchen.
B: Give him a kiss.

Episode 5
B: It's fine here.
B: No, that's not appropriate.

Episode 6
A: Let's stay here.
A: I'm fine.

Episode 7
A: Ask
B: Sota, you jerk!

Episode 8
B: Either is fine.
A: Is she really okay...?

Episode 9
A: Of course.
B: I'll go.

Super Happy End

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