December 22, 2014

My Forged Wedding (Party) - Birthday Wish (Ren) - Main Page

Page Overview

Hello there!
On this page you'll find everything about the current Event you need to know. To give you a better overview about what and where you can find everything, I'll make a short list here. I hope it helps you and have fun with the Event! (^^,)o))

P.S. Remeber to use your "Votes" (for more infos look at the NEWS page) for the guy you play - each Vote gives you Gacha Points!)
  • Page Overview + explanation about the current Event
  • Walkthroughs
  • Login Bonus (it's worth to log in every day!)
  • Present List (Route Clear, Super Early & Early Clear Bonus, Ranking Bonus)
  • Stamp Sheet (don't forget to accept your gift, once you complete a Mission)
  • Screenshots

Login Bonus



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