23 December, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Yamato Kougami Season 2

(*Note: If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.)

Season 2: Main Story

1.07 A: I was really happy. (+10)
B: I don't really remember...

1.09 A: You finally figured that out?(+10)
 B: Not really.

(Get a Love Letter)

2.05 A: I’m a lucky girl, too.(+10)
B: I hope you find someone, too.

2.08 A: Put lots of food in his mouth.
B: Make him wait.(+10)
(If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG)

(Get a Love Letter)

3.02 A: (Honestly) It was your feelings for me.(+10)
B: (Play off my shyness) It was the barbecue.

3.08 A: Ask him to tell me.
B: Don’t ask him.(+10)

(Get a Love Letter)

4.03 A: You’re so nice.(+10)
B: Don't push yourself.

4.06 A: Say how grateful you are too.(+10)
B: Thank Yamato silently.

Need 20,000 Wife Points

(Get a Love Letter)

5.03 A: Shut my eyes.
B: Look down.(+10)

5.10 A: I’m nervous.(+10)
 B: You're seeing things.

(Get a Love Letter)

6.04 A: Don't worry, I won't!
B: You did look better back then.(+10)

6.09 A: Akari must have been really popular.
B: Did you have a crush on anyone?(+10)

(If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG)

(Get a Love Letter)

7.03 A: Thank you.
B: I’m used to tough love!(+10)

7.08 A: Thank you for coming to pick me up.(+10)
 B: Remain silent.

(Get a Love Letter)

8.05 A: Laugh and say it’s nothing.(+10)
B: Look away and say it's nothing.

8.10 A: I’ll ask him what he was doing later.(+10)
B: This has nothing to do with you.

Need 44,000 Wife Points

(Get a Love Letter)

9.04 A: I’d love to.(+10)
B: I'll ask Yamato.

9.09 A: It’s nothing.(+10)
B: I probably shoudn't have come.

(Get a Love Letter)

To get the Super Happy End you need 240 Chemistry.
To get the Happy End you need 200 Chemistry.

[no questions]


  1. Why is it Lilly is sometimes called a,'she' and other times a,'he'? What gender is Lilly? A shemale?

    1. Pffffftt... hahaha! A shemale! No no no *wipes tears from eyes* Sorry! XD
      No, Lilly's real name is Rintaro and he is defenitely - a he (male). He is a transvestite and loves (Kunihiko) men. Well, I guess he would really appreaciate to be treated like a lady since he sees himself like one. He also acts (and feels) like one, so he often is mentioned as an "she". Especially MC is very open for Rintaro's "female" side. She always calls him "Lilly" and only the LI guys call him now and then by his real name. He also is know as the "Flower Queen Lilly", so I think he also is seen as a girl by the public.
      So to make it short: He is biologically seen a guy, but his heart and soul (and appearance) is that of a girl.

  2. Hey thanks for the walkthrough! :D

    Also, about the Rintaro/Lilly thing, I figured she was transgender/transsexual, not a transvestite. Transvestites find it pleasurable to dress in women's clothing and tend not to be homosexual. What you're describing is transgender, where yes she is biologically male, but feels as if she is female. A little gender studies info for you LOL.

    1. Huh? I'm confused... Rintaro indeed is a Transvestite. They don't necessarily have to be Homosexual, that's true. But they can. Like Lilly, since he goes after Kunihiko, hehe.
      A Transgender is someone who has parts of both, men and woman, I know that too, but Rintaro defenitely isn't a transgender. I just meant to say that if Rintaro is naked he is from head to toe a men BUT he loves to BEHAVE like a girl (which doesn't mean that he wants to be biologically seen one.) So Rintaro is neither a She nor a Transgender but a Transvestite (who loves Kuni).
      *sigh* I think I didn't described it well enough (sorry for my bad English!!).

    2. I'm sorry, I can't help but be intrigued with this discussion. Transvestism (or commonly known as cross-dressing) is a person who wears clothing of the opposite sex. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are homosexuals, bi, lesbians, etc. Some people just like to cross-dress (I think women "cross-dress" all the time - wearing pants, which are traditionally meant to be worn by men). Transvestism is also regarded to be a "Transgender" subtopic. A transgender is someone who identify themselves as the opposite sex, like a man insisting that he/she is a lady. They can choose to cross-dress or not, it's all a matter of preference. So given this information, Lily is a transgender (since she insists on being referred to as a woman) and he is also a transvestite or simply, a cross-dresser seeing as his apparel consists of feminine clothing. Even his general appearance is female.

    3. Um Lilly is most assuredly a transgender female?? And the fact that you're using the slur shemale is particularly offensive to trans people. Honestly Lilly has made several remarks about how she wants to other people to use she pronouns. Don't talk about being transgender if you're not trans because you guys are spreading a lot of false information about LGBTQ people right now and it's seriously horrendously incorrect.

    4. Hi Anonymous gay!

      I apologize if I or anyone else said something offensive about the LGBTQ community, but I'm sure no one meant it in a bad way. If we used the wrong words, said anything offensive or used the wrong terms, then that is because we don't know better. It's discussions like these that can clear such misunderstanding and that make sure that in the future we say the right things.
      I don't think that you need to be a "trans" to talk about them. Taboos like that just create more misunderstandings, don't you think so?
      About Lilly: The fact that the guys at LI still call her Rintaro means for me that she's biologically seen still a man, but otherwise a woman. I think that means that she's a transvestite (and I don't see this word as an insult). Of course I might be totally wrong, but Voltage never really stated anything about this, so those are simply my own assumptions.
      I hope I didn't say anything wrong again, Anonymous gay. I can assure you that I have nothing against LGBTQ people. In fact, one of my close friends was a lesbian an my favourit English teacher was gay (although he was very strict, he also had a broad general knowledge and we all learned a lot beside English).
      What I know about transgender, I learned from docus and interviews I saw on tv, where transgender people from Germany tried to inform other people about themself to get them to be not so narrowminded about the LGBTQ community anymore.
      So, thanks for telling us more about the LGBTQ people, Anonymous gay and if there are more incorrect facts you see here, please say so, so we don't offend anyone in the future anymore. :)


  3. Is there wife point mission in
    Yamato s2??
    please put it if it have..
    It will help a lot..

  4. I'll see if I can find anything and Update the Walkthrough ^^

  5. Thanks Dawn!! (n_n)
    It help a lot..
    keep Up the good work..!!

  6. How do you complete season 2 with 240 chemistry because I finished with 216 and I would like to do the super happy ending instead of just the happy ending.

    Also, on a side note, Lilly/Rintaro is transgender not a transvestite. Transvestites do not have an issues being called male or female and will respond to either name where as transgender refer to themselves as only one gender and choose a name that matches that gender, they refuse to be called by their old name/their previous genders name.

    1. Wow. That transgender/transvestite thing is really complicated I guess. Well I'm just glad that everyone likes Lilly/Rintaro and that no one has a problem with her being biologically seen a man. It seems that Voltage often uses a transgender/transvestite (I'm not sure anymore what Lilly is). There also is Marsha in Sleepless Cinderella and Mariko in My Sweet Bodyguard.

      Sorry, I got distracted ^^

      About your question: If you did all answers right, you should get 180 Chemistry Points. the remaining 60 Points you have to get through raising your Charm Level. After a certain amount of Charm, you'll get 3-5 Chemistry Points. Another way is the special Fever time during which you can get the double amount of Chemistry.
      I know, it's really hard to get these 60 Chemistry Points, but I can't think of any other way to get more Chemistry... :( Maybe if you play the Events you can get some Extra Chemistry through the Clothes and Furniture you can win/get/buy?!

      Sorry, I couldn't help you more, but I hope you can get the Super Happy End next time!


  7. No worries Dawn, thank you so much for the help <(^_^<)

  8. Hello there !
    First of all, thank you for your amazing blog, I love it, it's such a great help really ! :)
    And then my problem is like Max Dier I really didn't manage to have 240 chemistry T_T I tried all I have to, I even bought coins but only manage to reach 207 chemistry, it's useless ! And if I just wait for items in each events it will take me forever to reach 240, aaaah such an aweful situation I wanted so bad the epilogue :( If I take the happy ending what big difference it will have in the the story with the super happy end ? I don't have other choice but when I see the title "hubby proposal" in the the epilogue it's really hard >< Well, do you mind if I ask you the detail of the story in the super happy end and the epilogue ? I really want the spoilers please :/ (I can give my personnal email if you agree but I won't force you ><)
    Anyway, keep up the good work !

  9. Hi Leyna,
    To be honest it took me quite some time to get chemistry. I kept doing the gachas and collecting outfits until my chemistry went up but I did end up getting enough to do the Super Happy Ending, unfortunately I do not remember what happened :/ I have since completed Takaos and almost both of Saekis stories and barely remember either :/ But the background and everything I got after it was worth the wait to me! So I suggest to just be patient and go for the Super Happy Ending :)

  10. Hi Max !
    Thank you for your response, that's right that it's better to wait to have the better ending possible I understand totaly that ! Well, I suppose I'll just have to be more patient, so I wil try to wait no other choice x) Thank you ! :)

  11. I can't believe I almost cried in this season owo
    Thank you so much for the walkthrough!! >w</

  12. Hi dawn,
    if I get happy ending, I get eps 10 as well?

    cause in the picture just written super happy ending.

    1. Don't worry, Levi. You get Chapter 10 with all Endings. The only thing that's different, is the Story for Normal & Happy/Super Happy Ending + you get a CG with the Super Happy Ending.

  13. uhm.. why i only get the Happy Ending and i still get the CG and an ring + epic ??
    i look at your yamato season 1 and it said " only dress for Happy Ending " so why i still get CG + epic with Happy Ending on yamaato seaons 2 ? ( sorry for bother you , maybe you will not reply to this coment cuz this post was in 2014 ... )