22 December, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Birthday Wish (Ren) - Celebrate His Birthday at his homeland


1.1 ~Affection Mission~
100 Affection needed

 1.2 A: Can you fold the laundry? (+200 Affection)
B: Can you help me bring in the laundry?


A: Ren has been working really hard.
B: Ren might not be mature enough, but... (+200 Affection)

 ~Affection Mission~
4,000 Affection needed

 ~Affection Mission~
10,000 Affection needed

A: (I can't move...)
B: Hug him back. (+200 Affection)

 ~Affection Mission for Happy End~
 12,500 Affection needed

 ~Affection Mission~
15,000 Affection needed

~Affection Mission~
17,000 Affection needed

A:Sorry. (+200 Affection)
B: Thank you!

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