February 13, 2015

[Walkthrough] Our Two Bedroom Story - Tsumugu Kido

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
I’ll do my best too.
Make some for Kido

Episode 2
Please help me with the article.
Shake his hand firmly

Episode 3
Yes, I’ll try to work things out.
Ask him straight out

Episode 4
Ask him
Don’t you worry about me!

Episode 5
Isn’t it hard to create these personas?
Get angry

Episode 6
Wait and see what happens
Do you still like her?

Episode 7
Don’t tell them about him

Episode 8
Your job is your life.
I’m sorry too.

Episode 9
Do you have siblings?
Turn Usui down

Episode 10
Tell him
Tell him the truth
I won’t give up!

Episode 11
I’m not a girl, I’m a woman!
Everything’s fine.

Episode 12
Don’t get on.

Season 1: Sequel
Episode 1
On the lips
Stare at Tsumugu

Episode 2
Kiss his lips
Put work first

Episode 3
Wait and see
I’m serious.

Episode 4
Gladly accept

Episode 5
Yes, please do it for me.
I don’t know what to do…

Episode 6
Call out to him
Kiss him

Episode 7
Talk it out with Mizuki
Please tell me!

Season 2: The Proposal

Episode 1
For both of us.
I sure am loved!

Episode 2
Say what you really feel
High School

Episode 3
  Soap Attack!
What did she mean by that?

Episode 4
I’ll turn down the offer after all.
Let’s go visit him right away!

Episode 5
  How about a kiss?
What I like is you.

Episode 6
Yes, I miss him a lot...
Show him how you really feel

Episode 7
Hug him
Give up and confess

Episode 8
  Let’s share it.
I think we could pull it off!

Episode 9
Give Tsumugu a hug
Show him with actions

Season 2: Don't tell him I'm Popular!

(*Note: Special Thanks to Heather for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
If you say so...
Episode 2
It's cute.
Ask him
Episode 3
Yell out to them
Say that he doesn't
Episode 4
Say it's your boyfriend
I'd like something to eat.
Episode 5
Meet with Tsumugu
Episode 6
Don't joke about that!
Pretend not to notice him
Episode 7
Trust him
Happy End

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have the Walkthrough, I would be more than happy, if you could send it to me (dawnire@gmail.com). THANKS!)

Season 3: No Love Allowed


  1. Did you like Tsumugu's route?

    1. Hmm... That's a difficult question, because Tsumugu is a really difficult person as well.
      (ATTENTION- Spoiler!)
      I think I liked it, maybe even because of his complicated character but it was hard for me to see him in a good light and to ignor his bad behavior when he was in "Kido" mode. Tsumugu is really nice, but fake. I think I have a little trouble to see him as one person because his different personas are devided so strictly, not only with his look but also with the way he treats MC.
      Well in the End I would say it's a very interesting story and if you don't know about his "Kido" mode or the "Tsumugu" side, then you will certainly be very surprised! :D

  2. I think Tsumugu is adorable in his own way. I think having someone who cares enough to argue with you and laugh with you is good. i agree with you when i see both of his sides as the same person.