12 February, 2015

Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Main Page

You have just moved to Tokyo to start a new job as a gossip reporter. Your first assignment is to get a scoop at the new Casino’s opening gala, where you’ll meet Japan’s hottest celebrities!
An unexpected turn of events finds you waking up the next morning in a stranger’s hotel room. You are alone in bed, wearing nothing but your underwear... What happened last night?!
Thus begins you new life as a gossip reporter, interviewing celebrities and getting closer and closer with them.


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Voltage Inc.)

Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY- Opening Movie [Voltage] VoltageOfficialPV

My Rating:

Fun: ★★★★☆
Drama: ★★★☆☆
 Horror: ★☆☆☆☆
Mature content: ★★★☆☆
Love: ★★★★☆
Art quality: ★★★★☆


Like for most of the Party games, I expected this game to be just like original version - "Seduced in the Sleepless City", but got surprised by the changes they did and the extra character (Masha! He's the best!). It's sad that they stopped updating this game, but at least we got one route more than the original version - that for Hibiki Shiina. All in all this game is for everyone who always wanted to play SITSC, but couldn't afford it or didn't wanted to spend their money on this game (but instead on another one, lol).
If you're curious about the game or don't know which guy to pick, try the first "Sneak a Peek" of every character for Free!

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Advices before you start playing:
  • DON'T waste your Salary on clothes. You'll need the money to buy clothes for the mission
    (*Note: Sweet Route clothes can only be bought with Gems!).
  • Other possibility to receive clothes = play the Special Interview.
  • Log in every day to receive daily bonus gifts. (Only available for the first 30 Days!)
  • Make a review and add your ID. If s.o. adds you, you'll receive gifts.
  • Do "Interview" to get Salary & Trust Factors. 
  • If you play the Special Interview, you can get many nice bonus, as well as GEMS! which you need to read the Special Stories.
  • Invite as many friends (Scoop Mates) as possible. They'll help you complete "Interview" and you can greet them daily to get more Salary. 
  • Now and then, while reading the Main Story, you will get the possibility to read the Story from His POV. For this you'll need a certain amount on Chemistry. THIS is the moment for you to buy more Chemistry (with Gems) if you don't have enough. Remember: You need a certain amount to get a certain Ending!
  • If you want to see your status, keep tapped on your Celebrity for a few seconds
  • For more info's, look below under "HOW TO PLAY".




*Note: Due to the new Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA "guideline", I won't post any Voltage Inc CG's anymore. I don't want my Blog to be shut down, so I'll refrain from posting them anywhere, until I get the official OK from the company itself. I'm very sorry for those who were looking forward to see the CG's of this game, but I rely on your understanding for my situation.
Thank you and keep having fun with the game! 


P.S: Although I haven't posted their CG's, I listed all released stories here, just for your information. 


  • Yuzuki Kitaoji: Main Story: Season 1, Season 2
  • Ryoichi Hirose: Main Story: Season 1, Season 2
  • Noel Aijima: Main Story: Season 1
  • Mirai Kageyama: Main Story: Season 1
  • Satsuki Kitaoji: Main Story: Season 1, Season 2
  • Chihaya Koda: Main Story: Season 1
  • Hibiki Shiina: Main Story: Season 1
  • Lovers Cruise: Yuzuki, Ryoichi, Noel
  • Birthday Wishes: Yuzuki, Satsuki






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If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: android_mkt@voltage.co.jp
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.


  1. I've been meaning to ask you Dawn, what's with the anime characters in those pics that are holding a sign with your invitation code on it?

    1. And who's this khimmymiii that's mentioned in said pic.

    2. It's just like Mellie said: khimmymiii is an awsome artist who posted the original chibis on DevianArt (like I mentioned on the Credit-Page). I don't want to make a misunderstanding and let people think that I'm the artist, that's why I added her name with the copyright on the side of the chibi.
      Since you get a Bonus for every used ID code and since I like to add as many friends as possible, I wanted to add my ID somewhere on the Main Page of the game, but in a way that everyone would also see it. That's why I added a cute Chibi with always an game based look :D

    3. But why a S.A.O. chibi? I mean a girl interested in an anime like that, that's a little hard to imagine.

    4. I simply picked them because I like them. For me it doesn't matter from which anime they are (I don't even know from which they are...), I just find them cute and I wanted to have a similar chibi for all ID's so that there is a connection in this Blog. That's why I always use the Koyonplete MC Chibi for explanations (for example on th "HOME" page).

  2. uhm khimmymiii looks to be the one that drew the litle artwork anime character thats holding the side for the invite code. and the invite code is for the game. at least that is what i gathered... plus its kindof sortof mentioned in another part of this blog...

    1. Hey that's asuna from sword art online right? :D

  3. how much chemistry do you get each time you level up?

  4. Where can i find ryoichi's second season??

    1. You can find it HERE-> http://otomeotakugirl.blogspot.com/2016/02/walkthrough-sleepless-cinderella-party_21.html

  5. What's a invitation code and how do u use it?

  6. What's a invitation code and how do u use it?

  7. Replies
    1. Please look at the "How to Play?" post to see all advices on how to increase your Chemistry. Thanks!

  8. Hello, would you mind if I request Hibiki Shiina route? he's already out. Sorry if I bother you;;;

    1. I lready posted his WT. You can find it here -> http://otomeotakugirl.blogspot.com/2016/09/walkthrough-sleepless-cinderella-party.html
      Have fun!^^

  9. Hello everyone, I found this Instagram account for SCP where you get to read the past event stories from SCP. I thought it was really cool! Please check it out if you’d like.
    Account name: sleeplesscinderella