30 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Finally, in Love Again - Kanata Tachibana

Season 2: The Proposal

(*Note: Be aware that this Walkthrough is for the Standalone app. I still don't know, if this Walkthrough also works for the "Love 365"app. If you know whether it works or not, please let me know. Thanks!)

Episode 1
Start a conversation
I won’t read it.

Episode 2
I understand.

Episode 3
It can’t be helped…
Just a little.

Episode 4
It’s not good to peek.

Episode 5
  I’m his fiancee...
It’s up to you.

Episode 6
To our meeting.
It was great.

Episode 7
  That’s right.
Kanata’s house

Episode 8

Episode 9
I have no right to blame you.
Talk to him

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