31 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Twilight Romance - Leo Appleby

Main Story

Episode 1
I want some excitement.
Next to Leo.

Episode 2
It's okay. I'm alright.
Yes, I think so too.

Episode 3
Please, don't ignore him!
Look downwards

Episode 4
You were amazing!
Smile at Leo

Episode 5
... yes.
Will you be my ally?

Episode 6
You promise?
I will cooperate.

Episode 7
I think it's because of you.
Just like a human being.

Episode 8
No, I'm alright.

Episode 9
Leo, please... save Sae!
You aren't hurt, are you?!

Episode 10
I understand.
I want to be at your side...

Episode 11
Something I want to tell you.
Nod in approval

Happy Ending

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