19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Wedding and 7 Rings - Kai Fujisawa

True Love Route: Main Story

Episode 1
If I tell you, will you be angry?
I feel the same.

Episode 2
I WILL leave if you talk for more than a minute.
Talking about politics

Episode 3
Well, excuse me for interrupting!
I can’t marry someone I don’t love.

Episode 4
I can depend on him.
Don’t ask him

Episode 5
Sweet rolled omelettes are the best!
Don’t you have any guy friends?

Episode 6
I don’t know why I’m crying.
What do you think?

Episode 7
Mt. Fuji is really beautiful.
What did you say just now?

Episode 8
Do you prefer beer or sake?
We shouldn’t pressure him…

Episode 9
Then you have to look out for me all the time.
I’ll pay for it!

Episode 10
Why are you two telling me this?
That stuff about the eggs was a lie.

Episode 11
Because they’re good guys.
How about a letter?

Episode 12
Chase after Kai
I refuse to choose another fiancé.

True Love Route: Sequel

Episode 1
Ask Kai what to do

Episode 2
It’s a nice substitute for a lullaby.
You can always share your feelings with me.

Episode 3
I’ve never thought about it...
Do you want to meet her boyfriend someday?

Episode 4
Deliberately call him Big Bro
I belong to Kai!

Episode 5
The happiness of the person I love
What do you know about me?

Episode 6
It’s nothing
You sure you want to increase your rivals?

Episode 7
Have you been eating enough?
You’re the person I fell in love with.

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