19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Wedding and 7 Rings - Yamato Kougami

True Love Route: Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Chelle for helping with the Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
And why is it okay, if I do it in front of you?
It wouldn’t be strong arms like yours.

Episode 2
Look away embarrassed
I would have.

Episode 3
I’ll find a man who will accept all of me!
Warabi Mochi

Episode 4
Your specialty
You really are a man’s-home-is-his-castle-type.

Episode 5
I respect you for that.
Would you agree with that, Yamato?

Episode 6
When I'm ready, I won't need your help.
You owe me warabi mochi.
Episode 7
Want any help with that?
I go to Ren’s next...

Episode 8
Ask how he's doing.
..What do you mean..?
Episode 9
How could I ever forget this place?
Call him Yammi

Episode 10
I’m gonna find an animal that looks like you!
Not know how to respond

Episode 11
Grab his arm
Yamato’s the only one for me!

Episode 12
I told him I wanted out.
If Yamato goes, then I go too!

True Love Route: Sequel

Episode 1
Kiss Yamato
Say Yes with puppy-dog eyes

Episode 2
What are you fantasizing about?
Thank him meekly

Episode 3
Give Yamato a smooch
Shibuya is SO crowded on the weekends!

Episode 4
Ask him if he forgot something
I can’t think about that right now.

Episode 5
I trust Yamato.
Of course!

Episode 6
Squeeze his hand
Something Japanese… warabi mochi

Episode 7
  Kiss him on the cheek
Never even crossed my mind.

1 comment:

  1. Episode 6 and 8 are super wrong, it goes down quite a bit when you make those choices, the right choices are :
    When I'm ready, I won't need your help.
    You owe me warabi mochi
    Ask how he's doing.
    ..What do you mean..?

    I'm mostly paraphrasing, but those are the choices that make get the arrow to go up.