19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Wedding and 7 Rings - Junta Nikaido

True Love Route: Main Story

Episode 1
Hmm… I like this set.
I guess that’s how we look to people.

Episode 2
(Wait, ‘foiled’!?)
It’s because you’re staring at me…!

Episode 3
You were really too kind, Junta…
… you were worried about me?

Episode 4
(Why is he just staring at me like that?…?)
I’m glad I can be a little help at least.

Episode 5
I just forgot to take my pajamas.
… are you all right?

Episode 6
(Why is he even in the Marriage Program?)
You should have just gone to bed.
Episode 7
It just sounded like your voice.
Eating by myself is kind of…

Episode 8
Thank you.

Episode 9
Stare right back at him
I’ll make it.

Episode 10
Mild? Ha ha ha!
Tell him honestly that he’s bad

Episode 11
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.
Step out of the room

Episode 12
Trust Junta
That’s not pathetic to me.

True Love Route: Sequel

Episode 1
Wondering what might go wrong, worries me.
Please, don’t force your taste on me…

Episode 2
Worry about Junta
Say you’re okay and hide your anxiety

Episode 3
I should handle my own problems, right?
Admit you’re embarrassed

Episode 4
… I can’t wait to see him again!
Return his gaze steadily

Episode 5
For you and I to be happy together forever.
Be polite and praise the painting

Episode 6
Air kiss
Try to think of a reason he’d need to stay

Episode 7
Say nothing
Be resolute not to let your heart wander


  1. Hello, do u have walktrough how to get junta's secret stories? Who is ur favorite character? Thanks Dawn

    1. You can find them HERE -> http://welcometowonderland.me/2015/04/03/my-wedding-and-7-rings-walkthrough/