19 January, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Wedding and 7 Rings - Hiroto Chitose

True Love Route: Main Story

Episode 1
Take his arm
I found these lying around.

Episode 2
If I need more clothes, I’ll bring them from home.

Episode 3
Meat and potato stew with seitan
I didn’t mind.

Episode 4
Just at the moment, kind of…
Ask him what’s wrong

Episode 5
We’re enjoying our time together.
You were marvelous.

Episode 6
Maybe just a little…
Clam up

Episode 7
It’s surprisingly enjoyable.
Fall silent

Episode 8
Touch his cheek

Episode 9
Why would I give up on him?
Do you have a fiancee?

Episode 10
My heart is breaking for you.
Maintain a shocked silence

Episode 11
For now I want to be with Hiroto.
Let’s go retrieve it together.

Episode 12
Don’t throw away something that matters to you.
I want to help you bear the sad things in life.

True Love Route: Sequel

Episode 1
Just the usual…
I told them about you and I…

Episode 2
I’m happy you did it.
That might not be bad at all…

Episode 3
I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake.
Say you’re not in the mood

Episode 4
Sorry about that.
Let’s go home together.

Episode 5
Isn’t Hayato adorable?
I just don’t know yet.

Episode 6
… if you say so...
I’m all right.

Episode 7
I want to be with you, no matter what.
Hiroto and I love each other more than ever!

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