19 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Grimm's Princess - Christoph

(*Note: Special Thanks to Seiran for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Episode 1
  Follow him
Let him go

Episode 2
We need to help Railer.
Please walk slowly!

Episode 3
You did well!
Look dazzled

Episode 4
Call for Chris.
Slowly release his hand

Episode 5
Something he needs to say.
Take out a candy drop.

Episode 6
I wouldn’t like to.
Pull Chris’s hand

Episode 7
Look for the medicine
Take his hand

Episode 8
Call for help

Episode 9
Give him a word of caution
Think of Chris.

Episode 10
Touch it.
Wipe his tears away.

Episode 11
But you saved me.
Pet his head.

Happy End

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