09 September, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Akito Kakiuchi Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samantha for this Walkthrough!)
If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.

Season 1: Main Story

1.0? A: Promise to visit together. (+10)
B: Fake a smile.
1.0? A: What's the favor? (+10)
B: It depends on the favor.

(Get a Letter)

2.0? A: That's not the problem.
B: You're wrong! (+10)

2.? I'm looking forward to staying with you. (+10)
B: Sorry for the intrusion.
(Get a Letter)

3.0? A: Sorry.
B: Thanks. (+10)

3.0? A: I'll pass! (+10)
B: Brush away his finger.

 (Get a Letter)

4.0? A: Stand still and watch him.
B: Go with him to the doorway. (+10)

4.0? A: That's why we're holding hands? (+10)
B: I think you're worrying too much.

(Get a Letter)

5.0? A: They're just pancakes.
B: I'll make them for you again. (+10)

5.0? A: Call to him. (+10)
B: Silently walk closer.

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 3,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

6.0? A: See what Akito does.
B: Ask what's wrong. (+10)

6.0? A: Of course not! (+10)
B: Silently glare at him.
(Get a Letter)

7.0? A: Hey, Aki! (+10)
B: I wanted to drink that.

7.0? A: Yes you were. (+10)
B: Is that so?
(Get a Letter)

8.0? A: Are you sure?
B: Thanks! (+10)

8.0? A: Meanie...
B: Really? (+10)

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 15,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

9.02 A: I'm sorry.

B: Did you come to get me? (+10)

9.05 A: Try to refuse. (+10)
  B: Will I really be wearing one?

(Get a Letter) 

Episode 10:

10.04 A: Nod. (+10)
B Refuse.

10.07 A: Ask if he's alright.

B: Help him up. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet: Brunch Date Outfit - 750 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal: Gold Flower Bracelet - 10,000 Mari

(Get a Letter)

Episode 11:

11.0 A: I can carry my own bag.

B: Thanks. (+10)

11.0? A: It's been along time. (+10)
B: You noticed?

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 35,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)

Episode 12:

12.0? Tell them myself. (+10)

10.0? Just get in. (+10)

(Get a Letter)

Episode 13:

13.0? Fake a Smile. (+10)

13.0? I thought you went back. (+10)

~Wife Point Mission~
Need 60,000 Wife Points

(Get a Letter)


14.0? Go up to the magazine and stare. (+10)

14.0? Aki will be happy, too. (+10)

(Get a Letter)


[no choices]

(Get a Letter, CG & Dress + Background for Super Happy End, only Dress for Happy End)


[no choices]

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