22 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Royal Midnight Kiss - Asim Hassan

(*Note: Special Thank you to Hope & Claudette for this Walkthough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Do You Believe in Destiny?

1.05 It’s me.
Don’t you remember me?
You don’t remember me, do you? (+5)

1.10 …That makes me happy. (+5)
You’re different from Japanese men.
You’re embarrassing me. 
1.11 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock

1.13 I feel like a child again.
Your hands are very large. (+5)
Excuse me, please let me go.

Chapter 2: Can Love Grow at this Distance?

2.04 Because it was a promise to you.
Did you forget? (+5)
A promise is a promise, no matter how trivial.

2.07 Are you a magician? (+5)
Well, maybe I could just try them on…
It’s impossible…!
2.08 Avatar Mission
Premium: Pink Top (Asim) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Pink Skirt - 150 Platinum or 2,500 Love Points

2.12 Then we will meet again?
I don’t like verbal promises...
I’ll look forward to it. (+5)
2.13 Premium Route
Need 30 Affection Points

Chapter 3: Is it Difficult to Face Someone?

3.01 Love Trial
Need 2,500 Kiss Points
3.04 I’m sorry .
…you’re right. (+5)
You don’t have to speak to me like that. 
3.05 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock

3.10 It’s surprisingly refreshing.
You’re very different from Lyle. (+5)
You have a two-sided personality, don’t you? 

3.12 Asim Extra Story
Need 180 Platinum to unlock

3.12 We’re… friends? (+5)
We know each other through work…
He’s just an acquaintance.

Chapter 4: Who are You?

4.03 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock
4.05 I’m sorry you went to the trouble.
Are you still trying to flirt with me?
Lyle, you’re like a child. (+5)
4.07 Premium Route
Need 50 Affection Points -> Get a CG

4.08 It just makes me sad. (+5)
I’m in the middle of work.
You just raise my hopes. 
4.12 Asim Extra Story
Need 180 Platinum to unlock

4.15 Excuse me…
Freeze in place
Hide (+5)

Chapter 5: Does Courage Exist?

5.01  Love Trial
Need 5,000 Kiss Points 
5.05 You’re unfair until the end, aren’t you? (+5)
That’s what I believe.
I don’t want to believe it.

You’re right. (+5)
Even after all this time? 
5.10 Premium Route
Need 70 Affection Points
5.12 Avatar Mission
Premium: Diamond Ring (Asim) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Red Clutch - 150 Platinum or 4,000 Love Points

5.14 Asim Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock

5.15 They’re so cute…
You do know about love after all, don’t you? (+5)

Chapter 6: Aren’t You Missing what’s Important?

6.01 Because all I’m doing is crying.
Because I don’t know anything…
Because I love you… (+5)

6.10 It’s your doing.
Really? (+5)
I don’t think that’s true, but…
6.12 Asim Extra Story
Need 230 Platinum to unlock

6.13 Love Trial
Need 10,000 Kiss Points

6.14 What are you doing…?
Why are you angry…?
Why did you come here…? (+5)
6.15 Premium Route
Need 90 Affection Points -> Get a CG

Chapter 7: Don't you Become Possessive when You're in Love?

7.04 Please allow me to stay with you. (+5)
As long as you want me there.
Are you sure you want me…
7.06 Avatar Mission
Premium: Medium Bob (Asim) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Purple Eyes - 150 Platinum or 5,000 Love Points

7.10 I'm sorry!
You should have saud somethiing!
Don't look at me like that. (+5)

7.11 Premium Route
Need 100 Affection Points -> Get a CG
7.15 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock 
7.14 Why are you doing that?
That tickles! (+5)
I thank you, too.

Chapter 8: Is it Ok if I Deepen this Love?

8.04 Even though I love him…
I failed him…
I suppose this is how it is… (+5)
8.08 Premium Route
Need 110 Affection Points -> Get a CG

8.09 Don’t say that. (+5)
Don’t look like that.
…Maybe you’re right.
8.12 Avatar Mission
Premium: Gold Ribbon Necklace (Asim) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Studded Pumps - 150 Platinum or 6,000 Love Points

8.13 I wonder?
That’s a little scary. (+5)
Try to guess my feelings right now.
8.15 Asim Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock

Chapter 9: The Future We Promised... is it a Dream?

9.04 …yes.
Is it all right? (+5)
You don’t have to go out of your way.

9.10 I wonder.
This discussion is like a dream.
That future is too happy to contemplate. (+5)

9.12 That makes me sad. (+5)
Please believe in yourself.
That’s not…
9.13 Premium Route
Need 135 Affection Points -> Get a CG

9.14 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock 

Chapter 10: May I Touch You?

10.5 Please don’t do this!
I’m a very lucky girl.
I think you all ready know my answer, don’t you? (+5)

10.09 Is it all right for me to monopolize your time like that? (+5)
I would love to.
I don’t suppose I have a choice.
10.11 Premium Route
Need 145 Affection Points

10.13 Love Trial
Need 16,000 Kiss Points
10.14 I want you, Asim.
I’m ready. (+5)
If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have said it.

Chapter 11: The Day You told me I Love You, was it for Forever?

11.04 Premium Route
Need 150 Affection Points -> Get a CG
11.05 Don't worry. (+5)
Leave it to me!
Please come back to me.

11.08 How did you do that?
Don't speak for me.
I was trying so hard. (+5)
11.09 Asim Extra Story
Need a Key (Asim) to unlock  

11.13 Are you displeased?
It's like a dream... (+5)
 I was surprised too.

11.13 Asim Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock


1. Normal Ending
Have 159 Affection Points

2. Good Ending
Have 160 Affection Points

3. Royal Ending
Have 200 Affection Points & 2,000 Engagement Strength Points

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