22 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Royal Midnight Kiss - Rene Regis

(*Note: Special Thank you to Hope & Claudette for this Walkthough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: An Extraordinary Prince

1.05 Try calling his name. (+5)
Force your way through somehow
Look at him.

1.10 I’d better say something.
Think of a topic.
Stay quiet. (+5)

1.11 Premium Route
Need 10 Affection Points
1.12 Please don’t tease me. (+5)
You’re so mean.
1.13 Rene Extra Story
Need 90 Platinum to unlock

Chapter 2: A Secret little Trip

2.02 No, it’s completely impossible.
Please think of your position.
I’ll get in trouble. (+5)

2.03 Rene Extra Story
Need 180 Platinum to unlock
2.04 Premium Route
Need 20 Affection Points -> Get a CG
2.05 Love Trial
Need 2,000 Kiss Points
2.06 It’s embarrassing.  (+5)
I can’t do it.
I don’t want to.

2.14 Thank you very much.
Thank goodness.
You’re a really fast runner.  (+5)

Chapter 3: Escape in Broad Daylight

3.01 Premium Route
Need 30 Affection Points
3.04 Black.
Red. (+5)
3.06 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock

3.08 Avatar Mission
Premium: Cute Kimono - 300 Platinum
Normal: Modern Kimono - 250 Platinum or 1,500 Love Points
3.09 Rene Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock 
3.09 I’m sorry. (+5)
I didn’t laugh.
I just thought you were cute.

3.12 I’m glad to be of service.
I enjoyed myself too. (+5)
You’re welcome.

Chapter 4: Doubting in a Foreign Country

4.03 No, I’m not.
Why would I be jealous?
It’s good to be popular.  (+5)

4.06 Premium Route
Need 50 Affection Points -> Get a CG
4.09 Rene Extra Story
Need 230 Platinum to unlock 
4.09 Is something the matter?
Did I imagine it?
Did he read my thoughts?  (+5)

4.12 Love Trial
Need 5,000 Kiss Points
4.12 I’m not sure.  (+5)
I’ve never thought about it before.
I’m not interested.

Chapter 5: Romance and Scandal

5.01 Look back at Simon.
Bow to Simon.
Go along quietly.  (+5)

5.04 Avatar Mission
Premium: Gorgeous Hair - 300 Platinum
Normal: Chignon Classic Style - 150 Platinum or 3,500 Love Points
5.06 Give it some thought.  (+5)
 Lie your way out of it.
I’m just an interpreter.

5.13 Try to explain the photo.
Stay silent.  (+5)
Look at Rene.

Chapter 6: Not on the Same Wavelength

6.03 It’s none of my business.
I have work to do.  (+5)
It doesn’t bother me.

6.08 I’m the one who caused him trouble.
That’s not true.
Don’t say anything.

6.11 Please listen to me!
Grab his shirt. (+5)
Grab his hand. 
6.12 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock

Chapter 7: Feeling Connection

7.01 Love Trial
Need 10,00 Kiss Points
7.03 Premium Route
Need 90 Affection Points -> Get a CG
7.05 I didn’t hate it.
You’re so mean.  (+5)
No comment.

7.07 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock
7.08 How are your injuries?
Talk about the last 3 days.
Talk about the F1 race.  (+5)

7.11 That’s an exaggeration.  (+5)
I understand how you feel, but…
It couldn’t be helped.
7.13 Premium Route
Need 105 Affection Points 
7.14 Rene Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock  
7.15 Avatar Mission
Premium: Camelia Dress - 300 Platinum
Normal: Open Toe Pumps - 250 Platinum or 4,500 Love Points

Chapter 8: A Little bit of Happiness

8.03 I don’t hate it.
It’s fine as it is.  (+5)
It doesn’t bother me.

8.06 Lie.
Change the subject.
Leave it to Rene.  (+5)

8.11 Premium Route
Need 115 Affection Points
8.12 Huh!?  (+5)
How could you suggest such a thing?
Nicol scolds us.

8.15 Rene Extra Story
Need 180 Platinum to unlock 

Chapter 9: Anxiety and Presage

9.01 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock
9.03 How unexpected.
What are we doing here?
You need to research something?  (+5)

9.05 Avatar Mission
Premium: Red Lips - 300 Platinum
Normal: Natrual Make-up - 250 Platinum or 5,500 Love Points
9.07 Rene Extra Story
Need 250 Platinum to unlock 
9.07 It’s brilliant.
I have some advice.  (+5)
I’m amazed.

9.12 Please be careful.  (+5)
Are you sure it’ll be alright?
You should pull out of the race.

Chapter 10: What I can Do for You

10.04 I stop him.
I don’t stop him. (+5)
I look at Simon.
10.08 Premium Route
Need 140 Affection Points -> Get a CG

10.09 Why all of a sudden?
What do you mean by this?
Are you teasing me?  (+5)
10.11 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock

10.15 I’m prepared.
I admit that I’m scared.  (+5)
I’ll be alright.

Chapter 11: Aquamarine’s Promise

11.03 Love Trial
Need 17,500 Kiss Points
11.04 I throw myself at Rene.
I grasp Rene’s hand.  (+5)
I slump to the ground.
11.07 Rene Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum to unlock 

11.08 You love your family, don’t you?
You’re a prince, after all.
You’ve changed.  (+5) 
11.10 Premium Route
Need 160 Affection Points -> Get a CG
11.14 Rene Extra Story
Need a Key (Rene) to unlock
11.14 I’m lonely.
I don’t want to think about it.
Now, just work! (+5)


1. Normal Ending
Have 159 Affection Points

2. Good Ending
Have 160 Affection Points

3. Royal Ending
Have 200 Affection Points & 2,000 Engagement Strength Points

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