01 January, 2017

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns - Yamato Naoya

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Meeting Again Was a Hunch of Love!?

1.04 Join. (+5)
Don’t Join.
Say nothing.

1.10 Huh? (+5)
No way.

1.15 Incredible!
That’s beyond imagination.
Is that true? (+5)

Chapter 2: A Fascinating Dealer Experience

2.05 I don’t really know.
You think so?
… (+5)

2.06 Conducting games smoothly. (+5)
Manual dexterity.
Being attractive.

2.12 Are you making fun of me?
What do you mean? (+5)
You calling me childish?

Chapter 3: A Heart & A Shadow Begin to Close In

3.04 Understood. (+5)
Please wait.

3.09 Please stop! (+5)
Is it?
I misunderstood.

3.12 The performance was magnificent. (+5)
No, I…
How do you two know each other?

Chapter 4: A Past Revealed

4.05 I don’t believe that. (+5)
Why do you say that…?
You are a kind man.

4.07 I have one request.
I won’t forgive you.
I’m not angry. (+5)

4.11 I won’t force you.
I’d like you to tell me. (+5)
I’ll leave it to you.

Chapter 5: For Your Sake, Because I Love You…

5.04 What will you do?
Please wait.
Mr. Yamato… (+5)

5.07  Discuss recent events. (+5)
Discuss my current obsession.
Discuss a failure of mine.

5.15 What a relief. (+5)
You’re awful.
Is that all?

Chapter 6: If It’s For You, I’d Give My Life…

6.01 That’s dangerous!
I’ll help, too! (+5)
What can I do?

6.09 Believe it’ll be alright. (+5)
Worry after all.
What will be will be.

6.12 I’m growing numb.
I’m not scared. (+5)
I’m scared.

Chapter 7: I Love You, But… It’s Because I Love You…

7.04 Stop him. (+5)
Don’t stop him.
Ask if he’ll come again.

7.08 Mr. Yamato is a kind person.
… (+5)
Mr. Yamato is my interview subject.

7.12 I do.
Not at all.
A little. (+5)

Chapter 8: The Long-awaited Evening

8.02 Let me think.
Too fast.
No. (+5)

8.10 I haven’t…
Don’t waste those words…
No, I should… (+5)

8.15 Did I?
I didn’t say that. (+5)
That’s not what I meant.

Chapter 9: The Brunt of Hatred

9.02 A reporter from Queen.
Naoya’s girlfriend. (+5)
Sorry, I forgot to say.

9.09 I didn’t mean to.
Alright… (+5)
I won’t.

9.13 Where?
Please wait.
Sorry about earlier. (+5)

Chapter 10: Wanting to Believe… You

10.02 Did something happen?
Of course! (+5)

10.08 Yeah…?
Of course.
Sorry. (+5)

10.15 Summon up my courage and verify the rumors. (+5)
Wait for him to tell me.
Don’t know what to do.

Chapter 11: What it is to Love

11.04 A little…
I’m alright.
No. (+5)

11.07 Call his name.
Go to him. (+5)

11.06 Special Yamato Scenario (get a CG)

11.15 You came to the right place.
You’re early. (+5)

Good Ending requirement: +160 Affection Points (get a CG)
Happy Ending requirement: +200 Affection Points, +2,000 Engagement Strength (get a CG)

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