27 February, 2017

[Walkthrough] Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - Silvio

Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!
This Walkthrough is still not complete. Some answers are tagged as "Might be the right answer". However, I can't guarantee, that those are the right ones.)

Chapter 1:

1.04 What’s the matter?
What is it……? (+5)
You look like you’re having fun.

1.10 Press against his chest
Try to slap his face (+5)
Stay still

1.11 Premium Route
Requires 10 Love Points - Get a CG

1.13 Silvio Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

1.15 Question him (+5)
Step back
Look at Harold

Chapter 2

2.13 Queens Mission
Require 1,500? Elegance

2.05 Say nothing
Believe in Silvio (+5)

2.10 Silvio……? (+5)
Stay silent and stare back

2.11 Premium Route
Requires 25? Love Points

2.13 Why do you say that?
I think so.
What do you mean? (+5)

3.06 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Thight Highs - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Pale Pink Clutch - 100 Platinum/2,500 Diamonds

Chapter 3

3.05 Let me go. (+5)
Don’t touch me.
What’re you doing?

3.08 Silvio Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

3.09 What’re you talking about?
No we won’t. (+5)
Continue what……?

3.11 Premium Route
Requires 50? Love Points

3.14 Maybe I was lonely.
You’re close.
I wasn’t lonely. (+5)

3.15 Queens Mission
Require 5,000? Elegance

Chapter 4

4.02 But…… (+5)
Tell me.
Did something happen?

4.10 Look up t him. (+5)
Squeeze his hand.
Hide behind his back.

4.15 I want to stop.
I won’t stop. (+5)
I don’t know.

Chapter 5

5.01 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Red Beret - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Puffy Corsage - 100 Platinum/1,000 Diamonds

5.05 If that would be better….
Of course. (+5)

5.07 Premium Route
Requires 80? Love Points
5.10 I’m all right.
I have a weird feeling.-> Might be the right answer
I’m just a little tired.

5.03 Queens Mission
Require 7,000? Elegance

5.12 Further?
Are you hurting?-> Might be the right answer

5.13 Silvio Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

Chapter 6

6.01 Silvio Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

6.03 Why?-> Might be the right answer
Is something there?
You’re that worried

6.10 Close your eyes -> Might be the right answer
Push against his chest

6.11 I’m curious.
I don’t know.
I want to believe in you. -> Might be the right answer.

6.12 Premium Route
Requires 85 Love Points - Get a CG

6.14 Premium Route
Requires 90? Love Points

Chapter 7

7.03 I did.
I didn’t. (+5)
If it is, then I’m glad.

7.09 Stare at him (+5)
Confess your feelings
Touch his cheek

7.14 Nod (+5)
Ask him what he means
Shiver a little

Chapter 8

8.01 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Black up-do - 450 Platinum
Trial Route: Pink Shawl - 150 Platinum/5,000 Diamonds

8.04 Maybe.
He wouldn’t.
No way…… (+5)

8.10 Grab his sleeve
Get closer
Bite your lip (+5)

8.11 Queens Mission
Require 9,000 Elegance

8.13 Premium Route
Requires 115? Love Points

8.14 Don’t say things like that.
You’re horrible. (+5)
You idiot

Chapter 9

9.01 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Queen Dress - 500 Platinum
Trial Route: Sexy Mini Dress - 200 Platinum/7,500 Diamonds

6.12 Premium Route
Requires 125? Love Points - Get a CG

9.04 Silvio Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

9.05 What’s wrong? (+5)
Do you need something?
We haven’t seen each other lately.

9.08 Do you like him?
Why? (+5)
You’re too kind, aren’t you?

9.10 Queens Mission
Require 12,000 Elegance

9.12 You believe me?
You knew?
How can you just accept that…? (+5)


Royal End
Requires 170 Love Points + Getting the Wedding Dress at the Premium End Gacha (which you get after reading through the Happy End)

Happy End
Requires 135 Love Points

Normal End
If you couldn't get 135 Love Points

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