22 February, 2017

[Walkthrough] Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - Albert

Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Chapter 1: Tender Kiss with Prince of Glass

1.03 Yeah, somehow…
I’m fine. (+5)
Please don’t worry.

1.04 Queens Mission
Require 100 Elegance

1.07 Premium Route
Requires 3 Love Points - Get a CG

1.09 Why do you think that?
I’m not.
Maybe I am… (+5)

1.12 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Glass Shoes - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: White Knee Socks & Old Pumps - 100 Platinum/500 Diamonds

1.15 Be vague.
Reject him.
Look at Albert. (+5)

Chapter 2: Lesson Alone with Him

2.02 Where are we going?
I won’t go.
But… (+5)

2.08 What are you talking about!?
I’m not.
Stay quite. (+5)

2.09 Premium Route
Requires 20 Love Points

2.09 Albert Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

2.11 No, it’s nothing. (+5)
Yeah, a bit…
It’s your imagination.

2.14 Queens Mission
Require 2,500 Elegance

Chapter 3: Gentle, and Forceful…

3.02 You seem different from usual.
I’m happy, but… (+5)
Don’t worry.

3.06 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Princess Blue Tiara - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Fluffy Lace Hair Accessory - 100 Platinum/1,000 Diamonds

3.09 Is it too much trouble?
Of course I am. (+5)
Why do you ask that?

3.11 Stay still. (+5)
Close my eyes.
Resist back.

3.03 Premium Route
Requires 45 Love Points

Chapter 4: Let Me Go on Loving You

4.02 Queens Mission
Require 5,000 Elegance

4.04 Uh…
Of course.
Can I like you too? (+5)

4.09 Are you sure? (+5)
I’m so happy.

4.09 Albert Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

4.11 Premium Route
Requires 55? Love Points

4.13 I haven’t changed.
I don’t know, but…
Albert, I guess. (+5)

Chapter 5: On the Inside of that Dull Eyes…

5.03 Queens Mission
Require 7,000 Elegance

5.07 Ask Albert. (+5)
Don’t say anything.
Change the topic.

5.12 Hold his hand. (+5)
Stand still.
Are you sure?

5.14 Do I look strange? (+5)
I’m not really used to wearing it…
It’s such a pretty dress.

Chapter 6: The Truth of the Glass Ball

6.01 Premium Route
Requires 85? Love Points - Get a CG

6.05 You’re imagining it.
That’s a secret.
Does it show? (+5)

6.07 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Royal Blue Stick - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Take Out Coffee - 100 Platinum/2,500 Diamonds

6.07 I wasn’t looking for an apology.
Be more confident! (+5)
I hate it when you’re like that.

6.15 What’s wrong?
Be quite and stroke his cheek. (+5)
It’s okay.

Chapter 7: Courageous Confession

7.02 Chase after him. (+5)
Say his name again.
Stand still.

7.03 Queens Mission
Require 8,000 Elegance

7.09 Obey and move.
Don’t move.
Only if you’ll let me treat you. (+5)

7.10 Albert Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

7.13 It’s okay to misunderstand. (+5)
Forget it.
You want me to love you, right?

7.15 Premium Route
Requires 95? Love Points

Chapter 8: Kidnapped Queen

8.01 I can’t…
Just tonight?
I also want to be with you. (+5)

8.02 Albert Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

8.08 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Honey Princess Hair - 450 Platinum
Trial Route: Brown Chinese Hair - 150 Platinum/5,000 Diamonds

8.10 Don’t make this harder on me. (+5)
Sorry, but…

8.12 I will do that, from now on.
Sorry. (+5)

8.15 Premium Route
Requires 115? Love Points - Get a CG

8.15 Albert Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

Chapter 9: A Wish of a Fairy

9.03 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Cinderella Dress - 500 Platinum
Trial Route: Set of Sweet Pink Double Coat - 200 Platinum/7,500 Diamonds

9.03 Please, let me come with you. (+5)
If you say so…
But I can’t just wait here.

9.07 Premium Route
Requires 130? Love Points

9.09 Please, don’t talk like that.
If that happens, I’ll make my wish to the Fairy King. (+5)
What will I do if that happens?

9.12 Queens Mission
Require 12,000 Elegance

9.15 I’m mad.
I can’t smile.
Force myself to smile. (+5)


Royal End
Requires 170 Love Points + Getting the Wedding Dress at the Premium End Gacha (which you get after reading through the Happy End)

Happy End
Requires 135 Love Points

Normal End
If you couldn't get 135 Love Points

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