22 February, 2017

[Walkthrough] Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - Leonhardt

Main Story
(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Chapter 1: Clumsy Kiss with the Beast Prince

1.02 Okay, Leon.
Leon… sir. (+5)
(It’s just isn’t right...)

1.05 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Passion Yellow Heel - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Choker - 100 Platinum/500 Diamonds

1.08 Whatever you say…
It has to be done by me. (+5)
Am I good enough for this?

1.09 Queens Mission
Require 100 Elegance

1.07 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

1.12 Call out to him (+5)
Chase him
Watch him leave

1.14 Premium Route
Requires 5 Love Points - Get a CG

Chapter 2: I Want Your Smile

2.02 I want to become friends with them too.
How I envy you.
You’re awesome, Leon. (+5)

2.07 Massage
Homemade Cake (+5)
A letter of appreciation

2.03 Premium Route
Requires 20? Love Points

2.13 Queens Mission
Require 1,000 Elegance

2.14 I’m scared. (+5)
I’m good with Silvio.
Either one is fine.

Chapter 3: Don’t Choose Me. Who Can You Choose??

3.02 (Perhaps anyone’s fine.)
What do you think, Harold?
(Maybe Leon.) (+5)

3.04 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

3.06 Thank him. (+5)
Gaze at him.
I can’t do anything.

3.07 Premium Route
Requires 35? Love Points

3.11 Thank you. (+5)
I’m sorry.
Is it really fine?

3.08 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Gold Tiara - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Border Niso & Purple Pumps - 100 Platinum/1,000 Diamonds

Chapter 4: The Third Kiss is Presentiment of a Romance

4.01 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 150 Platinum

4.05 I don’t know.
I think so. (+5)

4.09 Premium Route
Requires 55? Love Points - Get a CG

4.10 Tell him the truth. (+5)
Lie to him.
It was a mistake.

4.14 Queens Mission
Require 2,000 Elegance

4.15 I don’t understand either. (+5)
I want to be with you.
I just felt like.

Chapter 5: Reason of Misfortune

5.04 Yes, please.
How about Leon… (+5)
How about Harold…

5.03 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Rose Bouquet - 300 Platinum
Trial Route: Flower Fringe - 100 Platinum/2,500 Diamonds

5.07 You’re so used to party.
You look cool and confidence. (+5)
You are a prince after all.

5.11 Premium Route
Requires 70 Love Points

5.15 I can’t find what to say.
I was too concentrated.
Because I was happy. (+5)

Chapter 6: I Wanna Say I Love You

6.01 Favorite food?
Favorite thing to do? (+5)

6.02 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

6.09 Premium Route
Requires 85 Love Points

6.10 About the dance… (+5)
About the day of the ball.
About you, Leon…

6.14 Queens Mission
Require 5,000 Elegance

6.15 That’s not an issue.
You are you, Leon. (+5)
I’m a bit afraid though…

Chapter 7: Invitation from the Beast King

7.05 This is so unusual.
I’m glad you came. (+5)
It was unexpected.

7.10 Photo of an animal?
Photo of someone important? (+5)
Photo of yourself?

7.12 Premium Route
Requires 100 Love Points

7.14 Sure.
No I don’t want. (+5)
There’s nothing I can say.

Chapter 8: Chasing the Phantom of Close Friend

8.01 It’s true…  (+5)

Please calm down.

8.03 Premium Route
Requires 105 Love Points - Get a CG

8.06 Should I discuss with someone?  (+5)
Maybe I should wait for Leon...
I have to do this by myself.

8.10 Queens Mission
Require 10,000 Elegance

8.14 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

8.15 Nod silently.
Um, perhaps no…
May I? (+5)

Chapter 9: Be Prepared

9.02 Tell him to be more distant
Don’t give any reaction
Pretend nothing happened.(+5)

9.03 Avatar Mission
Story Route: Yellow Mini Dress - 500 Platinum
Trial Route: Purple Cardigan & Yellow Dress - 200 Platinum/7,500 Diamonds

9.07 Sit beside him
Sit on his lap as he asks (+5)
Keep standing

9.07 Leonhardt Extra Story
Need 200 Platinum

9.11 Queens Mission
Require 15,000 Elegance

9.15 Argue back at him (+5)
Stare at him silently
Look at Leon


Royal End
Requires 170 Love Points + Getting the Wedding Dress at the Premium End Gacha (which you get after reading through the Happy End)

Happy End
Requires 135 Love Points

Normal End
If you couldn't get 135 Love Points


  1. Hi, I start this route (it's the first time I use walkthrough to play this game) and at the 1.01 and 1.08 don't say the same things... i don't know if the other responses are correct because i'm not at chapter 2 still... Perhaps they have change it all... (Sorry for my english :') )

    1. Hi Ace!
      No, I'm very sure that thesse are the correct answers. I checked on other blogs as well to be sure and they too have the same answers as me. Are you sure that you chose Leonhardt's route and not perhaps Luca's?

    2. No, I finished Luca's route and chose Leonhardt (Because i don't want to pay to replay Luca's route for the happy ending, I will replay Luca's route latter, so sad the normal ending :') )
      I choose the second and I think is correct because later say that the love meter increased
      The others are more similar

      (Tell me if you can't see any of them, on mi pc i can't see them, but in my boyfriend's pc yes xD )

  2. It's true. They re-released his route so all the wording has changed.